Hi there! I’m Wayne!

THATISBEYOND is my foray into the worlds of male grooming, fashion, lifestyle, dadstyle and mentalheath.

What makes a great grooming product?
Something that’s functional easy to use, and at a good price point. I don’t have the budget for high end products, so mainly I look at brands and products available on the high street and online. And there are some genuinely amazing products out there!

How do you pick the right fashion for you?
Ask yourself do I feel confident in it? Do I like it? Does it fit well? It is that simple!

For the right item I will pay a premium, but for the capsule wardrobe of basics its the High Street all the way. My style is #affordableluxe and for me, finding the perfect fit is the Holy Grail.

What does lifestyle mean to me?
It means not being limited by finance or a lack of inspiration. Do what makes you happy, and do it with style.

From theatre to restaurants to the best parks to have an afternoon stroll in, I am never lacking in ideas of things to do!

So from #malegrooming to #mensfashion to #londonlife This blog may well be the perfect place to get some ideas!

Who said that Dads couldnt have style too?

We dads may have the dark circles around our eyes to contend with, but this shouldn’t get in the way of having #Dadstyle!

There is certainly a shift in perspective when you become a father, and an appreciation of new pursuits – but what we value as dads isnt that different to our brothers without the little nippers!

Great DADSTYLE comes from owning the man that you are and unapologetically presenting yourself as the man that you as well as a dad.

Why does MENTAL HEALTH matter?

We are living in a strange world full of unique challenges, and men are plagued by an historical silence surrounding matters of mental health. There is no weakness in owning your emotional help – in fact, to the contrary, there is strength in speaking out and being supportive of other men.

Whether its body confidence, anxiety, grief or any number of other contributors to mental health issues, the approch to open up may just be the thing that makes life a little easier to handle.


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