With the Launch of Bask Menswear being the talk of Instagram – I thought it was time to get to know the guys behind this hot new brand, a little more – as well as get the answers to some burning questions… I speak to Simon Crowther on of the masterminds behind the brand that has punctuated my underwear drawer since their launch.

So Team Bask, How did the company come about?

We are all friends and already run our own successful businesses independently of each other. We wanted to collaborate to create something truly amazing. Simon Crowther & Tom Gribby spotted a gap in the underwear market and to utilise their creativity, Nick Lempard joined with his clothing and manufacturing expertise.

We wanted to create an amazing brand which addressed all our gripes with existing underwear brands. Along with making our underwear comfortable, stylish and affordable, we don’t like labels… and removed the often-irritating label from the rear of our underwear. We also have a centralised front and rear logo on the band, and created vibrant and recyclable packaging. We want our customers to BASK in the confidence of knowing their underwear is better than everyone else’s.

Tom Gribby is the founder and Director of Northbridge Talent; a boutique agency with a proactive, committed and personal approach providing a high calibre of adult and young clients for TV, film and Theatre work.

Simon is an award-winning engineer and entrepreneur. In 2012 he founded Flood Protection Solutions Ltd, which has since grown into one of the UK’s leading flood defence companies. The company has grown year on year since 2012. Simon’s work in industry at FPS gained him a place on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Nick Lempard is the owner of the Promotional Textiles Group which works with clients from conception through to delivery to provide a full supply chain solution manufacturing clothing across a range of specialist factories in China, Portugal and Turkey. Nick is quick to spot latest trends and Promotional Textiles grew rapidly supplying Jute bags during the purge on plastic and transition towards sustainable bags for life. Nick’s packaging experience is invaluable at BASK, and between his experience and Simon’s environmental qualifications and passion, it resulted in all BASK packaging being either biodegradable or recyclable. One of the most used items – the mailing bag – is made from potato starch instead of plastic!

We all will continue to run our own businesses and have collaborated to form BASK Menswear.


So, tell me about the launch it seemed to go amazingly – what we’re the challenges that you faced?

The launch was incredibly exciting for us, we opened for pre-orders one week prior and the interest generated by our Facebook ads was fantastic. Pre-orders were shipped out, and during our launch week, many of the customers who pre-ordered were already posting and sharing photos on their Instagram helping to create a buzz. We had a launch event in London at Pride where dancers in BASK underwear performed to a thousand people!

That’s brilliant! What I call a brand “making an Entrance”!

As well as amazingly comfortable and stylish underwear, I know that you have environmental aims as well. How does Bask give back?

At BASK we are extremely conscious of the World we live in today. Whilst it cost us more, we invested in recyclable packaging, and one of our most used items -the mailing bag- is actually made from potato starch instead of plastic and is completely biodegradable. As we grow, we will be looking for further ways to give back. We are also passionate of delivering our customers the best quality items, so they can BASK in style, comfort and confidence.

As well as potting a gap in the market, Were you underwear fans before creating Bask?

It’s safe to say we were all underwear fans before with wide collections. We all need underwear, and finding a favourite is always difficult. Underwear is usually only 2 of 3 things; affordable, stylish or comfortable. We wanted BASK Menswear to deliver on all 3.

Well it certainly seems that you have done that!

So next to the classic question for an underwear brand…Boxers or briefs?

Boxers on weekdays, briefs at the weekend.

Underwear brands can sometimes seem to cater to only muscled adonises – Do you have any tips for bigger guys when it comes to choosing underwear?

Don’t limit yourself and make sure to choose underwear which is comfortable and stylish. At BASK we aim to cater for all and stock from an XS to XXL.

And with that in mind, Do you think there is space for larger men in underwear modelling?

Completely.  We are all about BASKing in confidence, regardless of body type. Embrace you body and style. We encourage all of our customers to ‘tag us in their pants’.

So get tagging those pics Gents!

With the success of your launch and Bask being the hot new name on Instagram we all want to know what’s next. I have heard you are also launching Bask Swimming trunks… when might we see them on sale? (Before my September holiday???) 

You may just be in luck! We are hoping to have our first trunks available by the end of August. Whilst we may miss the UK summer, our customers holiday all year round, and as swimming is such a fantastic activity for health, you may as well BASK in style, comfort and confidence whilst in the pool.

Here’s to that! And I am keeping my fingers crossed!

And most importantly, What makes a Bask Man? 

We don’t like to label our customers into boxes, however, BASK men like to BASK in the confidence of knowing their underwear is better than others.

Whether you’re on the beach or the sofa, enjoying brunch or sipping a glass of Veuve – BASK wants to join you for all your occasions.

Well it’s been great chatting to you – I think I speak for the world of social media when I say that we can’t wait to see what Bask does next…

BASK – Pants so good you won’t know how you coped before them!




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