ThatIsBeyond…Youthful skin when fastly approaching 30

I have an Audition! Great I hear you all saying (thanks by the way) but this audition has a presented me with quite a conundrum… How to age convincingly on stage (without the use of prosthetics) now I know that this is called acting and that my choices will be informed by the character, but […]

That is beyond…Decembers treasure!

That is beyond… Decembers treasure! So this is a product that I got from Olympia beauty.And since, I haven’t really had cause to use it. But with the advent of … Well, advent I thought I would treat myself with this aromatherapy shave oil. I am not a regular user of shave oils ( my […]

That is beyond…My collection of hairstyling.

That is beyond… My collection of hairstyling. Now I’m not gonna lie, I have very little understanding of my own hair. It is fine and dry and (sometimes) greasy and its long and short!!! To be honest it’s no wondering have been perpetually confused. One day I promise myself I’ll go to someone who knows […]

That is beyond…knowing your manstyle.

Knowing your own style seems to me to be a really important thing. I remember at school (yes I can just about remember back that far!) in the nineties, what we all wore was very much informed by what everyone else was wearing. (I blame such peer pressure for matching Adidas track suits!) but what […]

Thatisbeyond…four grooming items for under a tenner, Its FIVE grooming products for under a tenner!

That is beyond four grooming items for under a tenner… It’s FIVE grooming products for under a tenner! Well on my hunt for affordable stocking fillers for guys into grooming, I came across several of my favourite products on offer and a couple of new things for a really reasonable price. These are all items […]