ThatIsBeyond… Blanc menswear swim briefs

This holiday I decided I was going to brave a swim brief each and EVERY day. Let’s face it, in the UK we have little reason to wear one as the weather is generally so poor, but with optimum tanning weather throughout my vacay, I decided to break out the collection and live my best …

ThatIsBeyond… Fashion Sixth Sense

Growing up I always had a sixth sense about how to dress myself – no matter what size I was or what the latest trend was, I inherently understood what was stylish and which looks I could or could not pull off. That’s not to say that the nativity of youth wasn’t ever a question …

ThatIsBeyond… this is no little white lie! A colour story in white.

Part 4 of my series of posts exploring grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories, is finally here! This week’s instalment is: No little white lie. Little is sexier, than crisp white sheets and wearing classic white undies, and this post is a celebration of classic manstyle. Want part 1? Red …

ThatIsBeyond… A Colour Story – Out of the blue.

The second of my series of posts exploring grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories! This week’s instalment is OUT OF THE BLUE! Let’s bring some more colour into our lives and break through the dull! Want part 1? Red for Filth TBO The TBO brief – Indigo Blue Amazingly soft …

ThatIsBeyond… No Pictures, Please.

I am so lucky that I am not plagued by the paparazzi! Honestly I put enough pressure on myself to look a certain way, without a lens to the whole world tracing my every step.

New exhibition of photography on

ThatIsBeyond…Where is the motivation?

It is my undeniable truth, that the length of time in lockdown is directly proportional to how hard it is to find my motivation!

ThatIsBeyond… Resolutions are so 2020

This year I am doing things differently. I am a goal orientated sort of fellow, and so instead of resolving myself to achieve/ not achieve specifics, I have instead decided to set myself challenges across the wider scope of my life with no dates to achieve them and no order, instead the aim is to keep my experience varied throughout 2021…

ThatIsBeyond…Feeling <

Over the years my life has been punctuated with moments that mentally torture me, like a recurring dream, throughout the following years. My preoccupation with feeling < (less than) though, has become a problem in adult life. It has tarnished my own view of myself and sets me up for an almighty fall. Some would …

ThatIsBeyond… World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Awareness Day
A Photo Collection