ThatIsBeyond… 1st week back! Dadvice!

Having completed my first week back to work after paternity leave, I have taken a few moments to reflect on this huge transition. Both the workplace and the home are undergoing change and sometimes it can feel a little like being inbetween two moving walls, inching ever more closely together! Unlike my other posts, this […]

ThatIsBeyond…A David Gandy Swimwear collection fit for the Everyman.

It’s always exciting when David Gandy releases another collection in collaboration with Marks and Spencer. They are always eagerly awaited by the men’s fashion world, and the quality and fit are always top notch. Following his hugely successful debut swimwear collection, there has been a lot of anticipation for this release. This newest release feels […]

ThatIsBeyond… The politics of fatherhood.

It’s not very often that I get political on my blog! There are many reasons for this, but one of those reasons is not that I don’t have my own informed position. Politics can be devisive. We can get so caught up on one issue, that all of a sudden we realise that we have […]

ThatIsBeyond… What the Pecksniffs is that?!.

I love discovering a product that I haven’t used for a while. This blog allows me to trial more products than your average male – seeking out the must-haves from the plethora of products on offer to the modern man, and so sometimes a diamond from the past can get overlooked at the back of […]

ThatIsBeyond… A Jack Wills haul for Dad!

Mens fashion stakes are always high, and for any men like me, who have a large frame and few extra pounds around the middle, perhaps the stakes are even higher. With so many fashion inaccessible to us, we have to dress smart to really look good!As a new father though, my priorities have changed somewhat… […]

ThatIsBeyond… A New Dad Lounging in his Gandy’s!

  Style is an ever-changing beast. As well as fashions themselves constantly developing and adapting for the marketplace, style conscious consumers are also on a sliding scale of change. We are ageing, putting on a few pounds, exercising and developing our physiques, getting more or less sleep… And so on. This simply means that our […]