That is beyond…Lets talk about men-u

That is beyond…Let’s talk about men-u This is a review of the men-u ultra concentrate d-tox ‘deep clean’ clay mask. (Now that is a bit of a mouthful!) This is a light facial mask, that doesn’t have any astringency at all. It advertises itself as fast drying, I can certainly attest to that – it’s […]

That is beyond…The importance of packaging.

That is beyond…The importance of packaging. Let me tell you something! I am usually the person that laughs at people who discuss the packaging of a product (in great detail). For me i guess that I considered it to be unimportant… How wrong I was! Over the last few weeks I have a had some […]

Thatisbeyond… a shift work survival kit

Thatisbeyond… a shift work survival kit! Hey All, since part of my new job is based in a shared office, I thought I’d do a short run through of what I have right at hand on my desk. Everyone’s work has their own unique challenges, but in the phone room that I work in for […]

That is beyond… another problem solved!

That is beyond… another problem solved! Everyone has heard of Clinique. They are a household name in the world of skincare. I have to say, that whilst I am familiar with their products, until recently I had not used any of them myself! (I know, shock horror right?!) So I decided to treat myself to […]

That is beyond…The perils of a button down shirt!

Having recently moved jobs, I now spend 40 hours a week (dragged kicking and screaming) into a button down. Now, I know that this is the case for most people (so I can’t complain too much) but for me this has been a real change with its own unique issues. Issue number 1 – fit! […]