ThatIsBeyond… A History of Hoarding

A Reflective Piece.

I come from a long line of hoarders.

My grandmother in particular was a hoarder to the level that you will rarely experience outside of the world of reality TV. A three bedroom home filled with several lifetime’s memorabilia, memories interspliced with folded sheets and towels, photographs and embroidered doilies. Beer cans a dozen years out of date surround the bills once black and now read.

There’s a sort of poetry to hoarding, a clinical nature to it that feeds into a sense of organisation. Some people spend their lives searching for things, where’s my phone? Have you seen Joe’s school shoes? When did the house get so empty? But not my Nan, she knew where everything was. The stuff had replaced the many voices within her home and she gave every item the love of a person. Memories.

I’m an overpacker. I have to have options and be organised enough to see what those options may be. I pack for every eventuality. I start with the best intentions – but as the suitcase fills – So too does the metaphorical weight of not having a raincoat, spare underwear (or 10), or a just in case pair of trainers.

“Just in case” is common amongst my hoarding brethren. Not being able to comprehend what would happen if you didn’t have those extra items in your life. The inconvenience of being buried beneath a wall of Nick-Nacks, balances the loneliness of the empty space.

Knowing what I do, you would think it would be easy for me to push this aside with logic, but the reality is, that it isn’t easy at all. The thing is – hoarding comes from a legitimate place. It means well. But in reality, it hides what is at its core – the part that can be damaging to us.

So maybe next time, will be the time when I realise that enough is enough, and I will pack no more than is necessary. And maybe it won’t. It’s strange that in my mind holidays and my grandmother are so interlinked even though I can’t remember a single holiday we went on together. Maybe I’m filling the cases with objects because I don’t have the memories in my mind. I don’t think I fully dealt with the emotional baggage of losing my Grandmother. Time has passed items are kept and memories are made…

Things, object, chachkis are great. But memories are way better.

I wish she was here.


ThatIsBeyond… Blanc menswear swim briefs

This holiday I decided I was going to brave a swim brief each and EVERY day. Let’s face it, in the UK we have little reason to wear one as the weather is generally so poor, but with optimum tanning weather throughout my vacay, I decided to break out the collection and live my best @the_speed_oh_movement life.

I bought this belted swim brief whilst I was on Vacation.

I had a fairly decent collection by most people’s standards, but I also wanted to trial a couple of new ones that I had seen online.

Immediately the designs and cut of the Blanc Menswear collection stood out. I had tried their original line of undies back in the day and they had fit nicely, and their recent lines looked excellent on the models, but I had to ask myself did I have enough junk to fill them?

Have you seen their site? It frankly intimidating at times!

This image is property of the Blanc Menswear website. All rights belong to them.

The enhance briefs cut was certainly eccentuating, but there was a part of me that thought they would not be for someone like me (by that I mean a normal sized penis).

The sale got the better of me though, and I tried the briefs. Low and behold they felt amazing on and didn’t look half bad either! And no they weren’t miracle workers – my D remained exactly the same size as normal. But the way that they are cut, made the most of what I have!

So with that in mind, I had to try the swim briefs. The designs were nice – nothing too outta the box, but on trend and very Summery. So I picked three pairs a plain dusky pink with a bit of a shine to it, a pink and white stripe with some festive pineapples on them, and my favourite the pastel green watermelon brief… and I am so glad I did!

Note the sizing is ever so slightly bigger than standard sizing. I wear a medium as standard and occasionally a large. I could have got away with a small in these in terms of waist size, but for the booty a medium fit perfectly.

The quality is excellent, a decent drawstring, well-finished edges and a colour combo that pop. So much thought has gone into the placement of the fruit too,this isn’t just a bolt of fabric with loads of pairs cut out, the design has been placed very specifically.

The fit is great. There is a natural hang from the give in the fabric, which creates a natural shape and aids with a bit of a push up. I honestly felt amazing wearing them, and my worries about not measuring up seem silly in hindsight, because they actually look like they were made for me!

So listen, if you are a fella who has been blessed in the Speedo department, go ahead and live your best life, I know I would! But for those of us who aren’t so large, these swim briefs are as equally for you too. Just because all of the marketing is focussed on a huge member, doesn’t mean we will feel any less of a man wearing them.

Treat yourself. And live your best, body-confident life.


No product or incentive was received for this post. Al opinions are my own and are in no way associated or influenced by the featured brand.

Thatisbeyond… those fun in the sun SKINCARE ESSENTIALS

My regular readers will not be surprised that a large number of products were packed for my 10 day holiday to Gran Canaria! I like to be prepared for every eventuality, but it’s also just habit! When I unpacked it all I realised I had packed 10 sample size aftershaves and 4 full sizes (I need to get help, I know).

On the plus side, this means that I have been able to really trial some new products and put them to the test! So here are some of the gems I have discovered:

Pepto Bismol Realness!

GlamGlow Gravity Mud

So let’s jump directly in at the proverbial deep end! Stay with me here folks!

You’re going to have to ignore the fact that this mask is exactly the colour of Pepto Bismol! And is a sticky viscous liquid, because in honesty the neon hue and the potential mess when applying it, are the only negatives! (Link to the Non-pink version on the title)

In 25 minutes after application, my face was rejuvenated, soft and the skin was full of life. There was a real brightening effect and best of all I felt that my skin was clean and clear.

Now this is not a brand that is marked to almost 40 year old dads, if they did the pink would be the first bit to go! But I have to say I would definitely purchase this again – this was the perfect start to my holiday and my complexion has remained on fleek throughout.

A “razor cut” above the rest

Lab series shave cream

Disclaimer needed – I have not used this shave cream with a shaving brush (as it was not a priority to travel with one) and therefore I can’t comment on lathering or how this works with a technical shave.

But I will say this, it’s is as good as my Holy Grail shave cream the Supreme Cream Road Warrior by Get Jack Black.

This has an amazing viscosity and sticks nicely on the skin surface to lubricate the entire shave experience.

It also feels moisturising instead of drying, which is great when you are already agitating the skin with the blade itself.

Overall a deluxe shave experience and a brand that I want to explore some more!

Three is not a crowd!

Tropic Skincare Discovery Kit

Tropic is a brand that I have tried several products from, and they never disappoint (I do have a connection for this brand, so if you’re interested pop me a DM on Instagram (@thatisbeyond) and I’ll happily put you in contact with them).

I recently purchased their Skincare Discovery Kit and it is the perfect holiday/vacation skincare set that takes care of your every need.

The Tropic Smoothing Cleanser is a silky coverage and leaves the skin dirt-free and unclogged. It’s a rich experience that works perfectly with their bamboo face cloth. Ingredients include Green Tea extract, jojoba & eucalyptus leaf oils – which combine to create the most amazing scent.

Next the Tropic Vitamin Toner, a spray formulation with Aloe Vera, and Vitamins C & B5, which gives a light and refreshing sensation and compliments the cleanser too.

Thirdly, the Tropic Skin Feast is a nourishing cream concentrate that smells like heaven and moisturises deep, you only need a little and the job is done!

No longer a Monster from the Blue Lagoon.

Along the same lines I have also been using the Tropic Pure Lagoon blemish prevention serum. This blue liquid smells fruity and tackles blemishes quick smart! Am seriously considering buying the full size.

I’ll fix your Face!

Altr for Men face fix

I am not someone who uses make up on the regular – I’m more of a #takemeasiam sorta guy. But I have found this concealer to be really good at brightening dark circles and evening out the skin tone. And if a a product makes you feel better about yourself then what is the harm?

It’s a light oil based formula that blends nicely and sits I obviously on the skin. Great for those little areas that need tweaking before a photo session or a night out!

Grooming Kit for looking fit.

Ted Baker Grooming Kit

I bought this amazing man care set, as part of a Tedbaker Gift set (on sale) after Christmas. I love it. A hard cased, lined set of three tools to keep those nails in check and unwanted facial hairs managed in seconds.

The set includes a slanted tweezer, a gunmetal nail clipper and an emery board. What more could you need? I was expecting the quality to be less than stellar based on it being part of a “novelty” set – but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Clearly Ted Baker still values quality at whatever price point.

So why not check out the Ted Baker Grooming Page to see what else they have.

So there you go!

This has been my Vacation holiday go to products. And I couldn’t have been more pleased with my choices!

Check the links if any of them are of interest to you.

Take care.


All opinions are my own and I have not received any incentives for any of the products reviewed in this post. Links to websites are not sponsored and should you require removal of any link please email to request this.

ThatIsBeyond… Fashion Sixth Sense

Growing up I always had a sixth sense about how to dress myself – no matter what size I was or what the latest trend was, I inherently understood what was stylish and which looks I could or could not pull off. That’s not to say that the nativity of youth wasn’t ever a question – I have certainly had my fashion misses over the years – but below it all, I have always been a pretty suave dresser. (Even if I do say so myself!)

I attribute much of my knack for dressing, to the type of creativity that can only come from a background where you couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money on clothes. I come from a fairly large family and we weren’t particularly well off, so developing a personal style with what I had was just what I had to do.

Even before I was dressing myself I had a knack of wearing whichever outfit my mum had put me in, with confidence – even though some were extremely questionable looking back on them now! The very first moment I had a choice in what I wore, I picked items that were outside of the box. I would try to replicate common trends or be influenced by popstars & the music videos that I would see on smash hits or MTV. My sister was an East 17 fan and so I got some of my fashion from them, and my older brother loved anything afro-carribbean style so I had elements of a street style that just weren’t present in my then very rural and Caucasian surroundings.

Colour was an element that came very naturally to me. Whilst my school friends had the latest must have adidas rucksack in the standard black or navy blue design, I saved up for a bright blue one with lime blue piping. Don’t get me wrong, I never blended in well (which was problematic) but I was able to follow the crowd whilst also staying true to my own personal style. Orange, lime Green, bright tartans you name it I was wearing it.

When I was 12, I was lucky enough to get a scholarship for an acting summer school, a Shakespeare masterclass with a whole bunch of other young creatives. Someone had dropped out and so I had been offered a place at the last minute for free! I joined a talented cast of young creatives from extremely privileged backgrounds – none of whom l had met before and so l could be a completely new person – and boy did l take up the opportunity! I learned that how I dressed did not define who I was and that I could use my clothes to express myself _ but also retain a keen sense of who I was. Whilst was in no way a skater, there was no reason why I couldn’t be influenced by those trends. I took the “baggy jeans” movement to the next level finding the widest legged variety possible and pairing them with bright coloured woven boxers.. retro Shirts and a short back and sides to boot. When I was cast as Ferdinand in the tempest the directors said I needed to channel my “Mr lover man”persona – which was a far cry from my actual personality.

Quite often my mood would be reflected in what I wore. When I got stressed I would become pre-occupied with a crisp lines & a perfect centre parting. I have vivid memories of crying in front of a mirror and pulling chunks of hair out because I had a hard time at school and it was “photo day”. I must have re-tied my prefect tie and re-angled my head-boy badge 40 times! I would shine my shoes until I could see my reflection in them because to me the details were the most important aspect.

In my early jobs I either had a uniform or was made to “dress smartly”. For the first time ever I had my own money and could spend it on whatever I liked! My first purchase was a pair of Levi twisted jeans. They lasted almost 15 years and became a sort of fashion scrap book with patches & fixes made along the way! I loved those jeans and I saved 7 weeks wages to pay for them. But the more time that I spent in clothes not of my choosing, I felt the need to express my individuality even if it was only for my own good – and from there began a passion for underwear. To this day I firmly believe that wearing great undies can be a confidence boosting exercise. Over the years my tastes have changed but I have always worn what underwear has made me feel at my best.

As I got older I continued to explore fashion – adapting to my changing body shape and owning my choices even when others thought I was clearly mad! There was a period in my life when practicality ruled the roost – rehearsal wear was king and comfort was key to me. Layers became vital in every day wear and the ability to change how pieces were worn made perfect sense. This time in my life was inspired by a group of dancers that I worked with who would transform what they were wearing rehearsals during as they got hot or cold – I learned to turn old T-shirts into vests and that how I looked didn’t matter if the clothes were serving a purpose.

A vest I made myself!

There are some simple facts:
1) If you are of a bigger frame you have less choice
2) When you are bigger you have to know your body to dress it well
3) With a lot of bigger people Just the act of buying clothes ls enough to seriously damage your confidence.

By the time I reached my biggest I was well aware of these issues and decided that it was even more important that I let my sixth sense kick in and choose to make the most of all that I had! Co- ordination was one tactic that I used to great effect. Pattern, texture and colour palette would seamlessly work together. I tried to stop worrying about the letter on the size label and instead tried multiple sizes to see what looked best on me. As things fitted better, I adjusted my underwear-choices so that I not only looked good and was more comfortable, but that I was more confident too!

There’s no doubt that my new body has given me a lot more options, especially with regards to where I can get my clothing from.
There is also something very satisfying about creating a more tailored look than I could personally achieve when I was bigger. As l teeter towards 40 I sometimes worry that I come across as though I am trying to dress like a 20 year old! I think that l am only sensitive to this because there is a judgement of people growing older. But I also think that by wearing clothes that I feel confident in, I can’t go too far wrong!

And besides what does it really matter anyway.? Confidence, confidence, confidence.

That’s what is needed. My sixth sense is still flowing and whatever I choose to wear, I will wear because I feel good in it. And as I said you can’t go too wrong by starting with some underwear that leaves you feeling your most confident self,


ThatIsBeyond… The Bluebeards Revenge – the pirate’s solution to male grooming! #gifted

I love working with brands that bring products to market which have had a lot a thought and development in them. It’s doesn’t feel like work at all!

When I was approached by The BlueBeard’s Revenge – I was fully aware of the quality of their product range and the journey that their products have been on. I was delighted to get some of their extensive range to try out for myself and review for all of my readers!

So in this post I want to introduce you to The Bluebeards Revenge and some of the #gifted items I will be reviewing in the coming weeks!

So what is The Bluebeards Revenge? I hear you say… well keep on reading for the full lowdown on this piratey branded grooming line.

The Brand.

The Bluebeards Revenge is an all encompassing male grooming brand with a fantastic range of shave, hair and body products based on my home soil in the South West of England #supportlocal. You could be forgiven for thinking that their lighthearted approach is a reflection on their product range, but to the contrary, they are serious about the male grooming experience and their footprint on the environment too.

In true piratey fashion the company was conceived during a rum-fuelled evening, when the now Bluebeard-in-Chief was challenged to find a range of men’s shaving products that could stand up to the toughest stubbles known to man… and that in my opinion is as good a reason as any to start a business!

Their environmental credentials start with responsible use of plastic and also being vegan friendly – but as I mentioned before as a company they are developing all the time and constantly consider their impact on this earth… a clean planet is everyone’s responsibility.

“to provide all-conquering shave, beard, hair and body products to men all over the world is completely pointless if there’s no planet for those guys to live on!” And ain’t that the truth?!

The Range.

The classic shampoo bar, classic ice soap, face scrub, matt paste, cooling moisturiser, antiperspirant, antiperspirant eco refill, sea salt spray, liquid wood styling comb.

I cannot wait to try these bad boys out, so why not subscribe to my blog to get all the latest The Bluebeards Revenge reviews as they are released.

Follow @thatisbeyond on Instagram for all the latest news and reviews.

Comment below with which products you want to see reviewed first!


ThatIsBeyond… Back to Black – A colour story

Welcome to part 6 of the series ThatIsBeyond… A colour Story. And this weeks story is Back to Black!

These colour stories explore grooming products, accessories and underwear! They are grouped nicely together in shades of the same tones. This week’s instalment is: Back to Black and features a few skincare items as well as an excellent home fragrances candle! As always this post is a celebration of classic manstyle – so join in with me and let me know in the comments what your top Back to Black products are! Want part 1? Red for Filth or part 2? Out of the Blue part 3? They Call Me Mellow Yellow or part 4? No Little White Lie part 5 is a blast btw Green With Envy

Beauty Pie Bahia de Miel – Candle

The fragrance of the candle is deep and long lasting and really fills the room. With top notes of green basil and licquorice milk there is also balsam within it which adds a freshness as well. This is a strong fragrance and it’s not going to be to everyone’s liking, but for me personally it’s a winner

Emporio Armani boxer briefs

A classic in masculine style, ARMANI is an amazing brand that makes you feel like a million dollars! These boxer briefs are a staple, and I wish I also had them as briefs!

Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech – Hair wax

This little sample size has travelled all over the place with me. This quality traditional wax holds strong but allows some movement of style too. You only need a tiny bit at the roots to take control of your locks.

Isle Of Harris Rose and Honeysuckle – All purpose balm

I bought this balm on a work trip, to sample gin on the Isle of Harris. As a lip balm it is really nourishing and botanical, but as a general balm for cuts and grazes it is also impressive. I use it on dry skin on my elbows and it really works! I cannot recommend it enough (it was a gift for my wife but I steal it all the time!!!)

Beauty Pie QI energy brightening eye fix cream – Ginseng Root and Ginger

No word of a lie – this is THE best eye cream I have ever used. It’s a high quality product that has a super zing from the ginger in the formulation. It really works. As a tired parent – you can trust me on this!

Lush Grease lightening

Lush is a brand that we all know from the British High Street – cruelty free and that distinct smell as you pass the shop window! Grease lightening is a spot product for direct tackling of the pesky blighters. The gel product drys up the excess oil and tackles spots gently but fast!

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac – Bourbon

Whiskey lovers rejoice! This is your antibacterial solution to clean hands. I think it’s great, not technically a black product, but I am am Happy I could include it in the colour stories.

Black Friday… or any day really!

In male grooming, black tends the be the Colour du Jour! It’s almost like manufacturers can’t take a risk that men won’t like a colour!

Black is classic and suits every person of any shape or size, and this little collection in a black colour story shows us that there really is something for everyone.


Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.

ThatIsBeyond… Green with Envy – a colour story.

The green-eyed monster.

Part 5 of my series of posts has arrived on Easter Sunday!!!

These posts explore grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories ! This week’s instalment is: Green with Envy. And features a few of my all time favourites! As always this post is a celebration of classic manstyle just as it might be in OZ! Want part 1? Red for Filth or part 2? Out of the Blue part 3? They Call Me Mellow Yellow or even part 4? No Little White Lie

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac – Cucumber Melon

Fresh and fruity, this pocketbac is the perfect blend of smelling great and being really useful. Perfect for spring summer and handy in these Corona times.

Schwartzkopf 3D Men Sion Anti-Dandruff Tonic let me start by saying – that this product pretty much cured my dry flaky scalp! I was so self-conscious and I found that after a week of uses it worked for me and there was a noticeable difference in the condition of my scalp.

Molton Brown Bodywash – Silverbirch

Literally my all-time favourite fragrance from Molton Brown! The Bath Salts are life-changing and this body wash just smells divine – in case you hadn’t noticed I like the fragrance a lot! Woody and fragrant it’s a bathtime hit!

Murdock London British Cologne – Renshaw

The black tea fragrance and fougere are two of my holy grail fragrances, but the Renshaw cologne offers a deeper and fuller fragrance that lasts all day. This is a heavier and masculine scentsation which gives that old school barber shop feel!

Bath and Bodyworks Stress Relief Hand Cream – Eucalyptus & Spearmint

A great formulation that is moisturising and works deep into the skin. The minty scent is fresh and long lasting too! Perfect for these changeable months where your hands are taking a beating!

Box Menswear Briefs – Green

You can’t Hugo wrong with box menswear – supportive, great range of colours and a good fit as well. These briefs are a staple and are great for everyday wear.

Below the Belt Instant Clean Balls – Fresh

This product has one purpose and one purpose only, to freshen up your balls! This cooling spray spritzes your boys and leaves them feeling great before your get your box briefs on!

Box Memswear in green!

As a fella with green eyes, green is complimentary and makes my eyes pop!

There are many great colours that we should not be afraid of and why not be a bit more experience tap with colour. Whether it’s grooming or fashion, there is something fun in this edit for everyone!

As always enjoying sharing my products with you! Feel free to show some love on this post and comment below with what you like from my Green Selection!


Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.

ThatIsBeyond… this is no little white lie! A colour story in white.

Little white lies.

Part 4 of my series of posts exploring grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories, is finally here! This week’s instalment is: No little white lie. Little is sexier, than crisp white sheets and wearing classic white undies, and this post is a celebration of classic manstyle. Want part 1? Red for Filth or part 2? Out of the Blue or even part 3? They Call Me Mellow Yellow

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

I use this light mist as a toner/ cleanser before bed to prepare the sling for moisturising – it’s gentle on the skin and clears the pores nicely. La Roche Posay are not cheap, but they are quality and this is a non-negotiable essential for my bed time routine!

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Me and sleep are not bffs! After years of unsociable hours, even now I find it hard to get into a good sleep cycle. The This Works deep sleep spray is magical though, the fragrance has a soothing effect and helps slumber come a little more quickly!! I live this stuff.

Henrii Lloyd Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 – Marine Extracts

Funny this was, that I had no idea this was tinted moisturiser when I got it! I had tried the standard moisturiser before and it was ace! It’s a really subtle tint that really just adds a sweet glow to the complexion and brightens the skin up. A great staple for a busy guy. Available at Holland and Barrett

Gruum Kare Daily Moisturiser – Green Tea, Sage & Rosemary

This moisturiser smells like bliss. It’s a standard formulation that will suit most skin types, but the kicker is the fragrance. It smells soooooo good.

Philip Kingsley Sunshield UV Protection

This is sun protection that protects the scalp and doesn’t mess with the natural flow of your hair style. I have supper thin hair, so this is an extra layer of protection against us rays… much needed in the upcoming summer months! On sale at Fragrance Direct

Edward Underwear Tanga Briefs

Loving the tanga cut on the newest members of my underwear collection. Super comfy fabric that allows everything to sit comfortably and supported! The comfort is out of this world – and the tanga cut is a flattering one on men of all shapes and sizes.

Bath and Bodyworks Portoscent Car Fragrance Refill – Mahogany Teakwood

This is one of those ultimate masculine fragrances that I just adore. It is a super strong scent and the Porto scent sachets are amazing (not least because they are cheap for my friend to send through the post for me!) Woody and airy – this is a top car fragrance.

Molton Brown Bodywash – Coco & Sandalwood

In case you hadn’t guessed it I am a big fan of earthy woody fragrances and the coco and sandalwood fusion is no exception. I love it.

Edward Underwear

Of all the colour edits, I am loving this classic white collection – after all I am a classic sort of guy! As always enjoying sharing my products with you! Feel free to show some love on this post and comment below with what you like from my Classic white selection!


Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.

Tanga Briefs.

ThatIsBeyond…They call me Mellow Yellow – A yellow colour story

Give the Yellow card to full and lifeless products

The third of my series of posts exploring grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories! This week’s instalment is They Call Me Mellow Yellow! Let’s bring some more colour into our lives and break through the dull! Want part 1? Red for Filth or part 2 Out of the Blue

Federico Mahora Pure Royal 914 – dupe for Jo Malone

A lasting fragrance which at first scent does read as Jo Malone Seasalt and Sage, but as it mixes with the air this is not a bad dupe at all for a fraction of the price!

Molton Brown Replenishing Hand Cream – Orange & Bergamot

Citrus goodness that moisturises deep into the hands! In Covid times we all need a decent hand cream and if it smells good too then all the better.

Box Menswear Boxerbriefs – Yellow

I love a bright colour and when I saw this amazing happy yellow, I knew I had to get them. So comfortable and stay in place really well. The “FeatureFit” design works well even on my massive thighs. I wish that box did their briefs in the same colour!

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac – warm Vanilla Sugar

As the fragrance suggests, a sweeter than sweet scent that gives you “cookies in the kitchen” vibes. The formulation of these pocketbacs is fantastic and not too sticky, and all of their scents are amazing!

Atelier Cologne Fragrance – Bergamot Soleil

This is pure citrus in a bottle – super refreshing and lasting throughout the day – definitely a unisex bottle that would enhance you summer holiday feels!

Mark’s and Spencer Signature Scent Burner Oil – Grapefruit and Ginger

A fantastic fragrance oil that literally fills the room with a fresh and fruity scent. I use mine in a dehumidifier to get the atmosphere really going.

Carmex Classic Moisturising Lip Balm – Cherry

This is a tingly cherry balm that really soothes the lips – a staple for the winter months this really is a classic must have product.

Molton Brown Bodywash – Orange & Bergamot

The same orangey fragrance as the hand cream and it is just great to freshen up your shower or bath time. Full size available at

7th Heaven Peel Off Mask – Manuka Honey

The benefits of this mask is amazing – leaving your skin rejuvenated and feeling fresh! I will level with you though, I hate the smell of honey so was holding my nose throughout 😳

Canary Yellow from Box Menswear

With Spring being officially in the air, I couldn’t not feature Yellow this weekend! I am loving these colour edits and enjoying sharing my products with you! Feel free to show some love on this post and comment below with what you like from my Yellow selection!


Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.

ThatIsBeyond… A Colour Story – Out of the blue.

# I’m Blue da-ba-dee da-ba-dah!

The second of my series of posts exploring grooming products, accessories and underwear in simple to follow colour stories! This week’s instalment is OUT OF THE BLUE! Let’s bring some more colour into our lives and break through the dull! Want part 1? Red for Filth

TBO The TBO brief – Indigo Blue

Amazingly soft and comfortable fabric that genuinely feel like your not wearing anything! Allows a natural hang up front and did I mention how comfortable they are???

Neals Yard Remedies Remedy to roll – Energy

Aromatherapy oils in a handy little rollerball that promote energy. I don’t know about the science behind them, but they certainly perk my day up! The high quality product you would expect from Neals Yard Remedies. (part of a set of 4)

Bath and Body Works gentle foaming hand soap – Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather Was part of the holiday season release from B&BW it has crisp notes of eucalyptus combined with fresh sage and juniper berry. The foaming hand soaps are amazing in formulation. (Not currently available)

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Nuit – Intense Soothing Carea

An ace night time moisturiser that is hyper rejuvenating without being oily or leaving a film on the surface. Has worked great on my combination skin. La Roche Posay

Altr For Men Face Fix – Concealer in Medium

A concealer that works nicely for under the eyes and blends nicely for a no make-up effect. Trust this Dad when he says sometimes the dark circles need a little uplift!

Molton Brown Bath and Shower Gel – Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel

Absolutely delicious smelling, sea breezy fragrance which is aromatic and relaxing. Adored these miniatures which make bath time a little more special! Whole range o this fragrance available on www.molton

This Works Sleep Balm

Called THIS WORKS because it really does. This pillow spray helps ease you into sleep and drift off easier! The aromas of lavender and camomile are so soothing and get the job done!

Bath and Body Works Scentoportable – Car Fragrance Refill in FLANNEL

Another fragrance that isn’t available online – but trust me it is the perfect masculine feminine blend – it is a staple in my car because it smells so good every time I open the car door!

So this is my Blue Edit…

To get away from feeling blue, I decided to make these colour edits and I am so enjoying sharing my products with you! Feel free to show some love on this post and comment below with what you like from my Blue selection!


Note: none of these products were gifted. All opinions are my own and no money or product was received for a feature in this post.