Thatisbeyond… Olive oil and paper panties!

Today on the island of Crete I treated myself to little massage in the Spa that is part of our hotel. First of all there were a plethora of options, as many as your average food menu at least! Included were your usual relaxing, aromatherapy options, waxing and facials, but there were two variations on […]

Thatisbeyond… Why I need to act like a fool!

My time at drama school was partly about learning to be a fool, by the end of an intense year, I felt like I was getting there, and that I could happily perform without the fear of judgement. But the years since have not given me as much opportunity as I would like, to explore […]

Thatisbeyond… Packing for a much needed holiday!

I never used to consider a holiday a necessity, in fact I would only go on one if I had the spare cash lying around! It was a treat, rather than something I would save for and look forward to. I may have something to do with having been on close to minimum wage for […]

Thatisbeyond… A Kiehls MUST have!

I thought I’d venture onto a product that is not as high street as my usual blogpost! The appeal for this particular product is twofold, it is one of those products that everyone raves about, and it sounds like a potion that would feature in a Harry Potter book! I’m probably a bit late to […]

Thatisbeyond… My gym bag grooming products.

With my newest phase in exercise officially underway, I thought it was time to embrace a new brand of grooming products in my wash bag! And the chosen range is the nspa men range. Their range is a four step system, that follows a logical order set out on the packaging 1 Wash 2 Shave […]

Thatisbeyond…My daily look!

For a special occasion, it’s worth making the effort… And in my humble opinion, it’s no effort at all to wear a bow tie! So this is a celebration of @latraybelle ‘s birthday daily look which comprises of a Dinner Jacket and funky tartan accessories! Dinner Jacket (two pieces) from Primark in a 44″ Chest […]

Thatisbeyond… Knowing your fitness goals.

I am no fitness guru! In fact, I should probably receive an award for my achievements in procrastination! So I have decided to turn this around and see what I can achieve by changing my attitude to exercise,for the better. It’s not that I can’t do it, once I set my mind to something I […]

ThatIsBeyond…Why it has to be more than just losing weight!

I, like a number of people out there, need to lose some weight. This is not the pressures of society, the magazines or the fact that clothing never fits me (although I am sure that these are huge contributors to many, and to me respectively), it is about me “Getting Into Shape” In the real […]

That is beyond… The joy of Forbidden broadway!

Last night I went to see Forbidden Broadway at the Vaudeville Theatre, on The Strand. I was blown away by the sheer comedy and the energy and vocal stylings of the five strong cast. This is theatre in a more traditional sense. Comedy sketches and songs belted out with gay abandon! This is not the […]

ThatIsBeyond… Why I love London Town!

What I love about London is that some days I fall in love with her all over again. Today was one of those days. You see, as a Londoner it is very easy to fall into the trap of only experiencing the rat race, the stress and the inconvenience. But every now and then you […]