Thatisbeyond…in the pursuit of happiness

Thatisbeyond…in the pursuit of happiness. There is a danger that this blogpost will turn out a bit ranty! It’s not necessarily my intention but when it comes to happiness it’s important that we are not led astray, by the promise of more happiness where it doesn’t exist. There is a recent trend with youtubers (including […]

Thatisbeyond… Tweezerman – the tweezers of Man

Thatisbeyond…Tweezerman – the Tweezers of Man! Before I started my foray into male grooming, honestly other than for catching splinters, I couldn’t have told you why me (a guy) would need to possess a pair of Tweezers! I discovered Tweezerman through some you tubers that I watched, who talked about how different that this brand […]

Thatisbeyond…the size of change

Thatisbeyond…the size of change I have just attended the: “Size ASOS – Menswear Body Scanning Event – Help shape our future ” data collection event at ASOS HQ. The purpose… To collect data from men of all shapes and sizes to inform the design and fit of their ‘own brand’ range. (And let’s face it […]

That is beyond…Typical that is beyond bad luck!

That is beyond… Typical that is beyond bad luck! Why is it that the moment I have absolutely no money, a lot of my favourite stores and websites start having a sale? Some would say it’s Sod’s law. I would say it’s just my luck. I have always had ( as some of my Uni […]