That is beyond the most relaxed I have felt all week!

So I have finally reached the end of an extremely stressful week, and with my neck and shoulders visibly tense, I thought i might just treat myself. Now i should probably precursor this whole review by saying that I never, ever spend this amount of money on “relaxation”! I would love to have the spare […]

That is beyond… Not strictly grooming!

Now I have to be honest and say that today’s post is not strictly about male grooming, but I also felt that my new purchase needed to be shared with you guys. For the festive season I needed some boots that doubled up as fashionable items to go with various casual party looks ( I […]

That is beyond …Time I told you about this product!

That is beyond … Time I told you about this product! Welcome to Grease Lightning by Lush. Probably the best reasonably priced effective spot treatment there is. At almost thirty years old, I had thought I wouldn’t need to worry about buying a spot treatment, but I have to be honest and say that my […]

That is beyond the basics of skincare!

My intention last week had been to bring to you a review of samples of some of the men’s products that Lush offer. (Behind the slightly nauseating smell of soap they have a really clever and effective range of products for the modern man, who knew?) Alas the day job has got in the way […]

Thatisbeyond…the best product I have tried this year!

That is beyond the best product I have tried this year! It’s not often that I rave outright about a product. (Or anything in life for that matter!) But I have to say that this is the best £7.50 that I hav spent in a loooooooong time. Champney’s current line of men’s sports therapy products […]

That is beyond… My Christmas Routine.

As the party season is approaching, it’s soon to hit that time where I am bound to over indulge in my friend called “beer”, I almost certainly will be burning the candle at both ends and not getting anywhere near enough sleep. So here are a few things I will be doing this winter in […]

Thatisbeyond… Sexy little salt spray

Loreal Paris Studio Matt & Messy shine free salt spray For that is beyond’s one for the week, I have picked this sexy little salt spray from loreal. It’s a snip at £2 (asda) and is actually quite useful for my withering fine hair. I can achieve a Justin bieber (circa baby) where it does […]

Thatisbeyond… A revaul

Men never follow the instructions so why have any?! A cross between a haul and a review, I offer you a …revaul! So here are the products that I bought from uncle asda: The Wilkinson Sword finest bristle £3.20 The Wilkinson Sword shaving soap 125g £2.00 The Gillette Fusion Proglide (limited edition ENGLAND) £3.00 Those […]