ThatIsBeyond…My body confidence musings.

New Post! Only this time i’ve experimented with with the media of film! This is a little look at “body confidence” for a man in his thirties and how my wavering body confidence has shaped my adult life. It’s not all doom and gloom! Just an honest and open exploration of life under the veil […]

ThatIsBeyond… Inspiration from 2014

I find this time of year to be reflective. I spend hours thinking of how the next year can be better than the previous one, and exploring what it is that I want to achieve with the next 365 days. I write this, having just had confirmation that a friend of mine has completed 12 […]

Thatisbeyond… An ode to my father.

Thatisbeyond… An ode to my father. Today is the day of birth of my father. I thought I would use this opportunity to introduce you to my style icon. Not necessarily style in terms of his fashion choices. (Some have been questionable to say the least!) but more that my dad is a stylish man, […]