Grooming dramas!

So… Every now and then a guy has to shoot off for an audition or some filming at the other end of the country at very short notice! ( I wish it happened more often than it does!) but when it does, you need to be prepared for any eventuality and also have it fit in your manbag! so here are the products I take with me to ensure I am in ship shape for what ever life throws at me.

Whether on a tube, train, plane or boat, you are gonna need to travel – cue the sweating, the grime and the breathlessness when you inevitably miss your connection in Didcot Parkway! For this eventuality I pack the very long titled – l’oreal skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying Micellar solution. This great for unblocking the pores and toning the skin, but also just leaves you feeling cleaner. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and is essentially kick ass water! At £4.99 (or 2 for £5 currently on its reasonably priced as well and will double up as a pre bed or first thing in the morning cleanser. (Your mrs can also use it as a travel make up remover too … Score!)

No matter what the situation, a guy needs to smell good, right? But equally everyone has a different idea of what smells good. (There is nothing worse than going into a compact audition studio and there being an overpowering odour of any description, it will register in your face, and that is not always a good thing.) I go for a fragrance that I like but is also not too strong. For this I choose ted baker’s skinwear ( this is not a new fragrance, I have been wearing this since the late 90’s!) it’s fresh and modern and a clean smell with a hint of spice. For the standard 60ml bottle it’s around the £11 mark at superdrug (which frankly is a bargain) for a gift though go to and order their limited edition bottle ( £24 for 100ml).

Listerine mouth wash, simply because you don’t always have a sink etc to clean your teeth properly, so make sure you don’t still have crumbs in your teeth by using one of their travel sized bottles (a limited variety available £1.12) my favourite is the purple one!

No one wants to employ someone with scabby lips ( a direct quote from my other half) therefore I would of course pack a lip balm, either the blistex mediplus (which I previously reviewed earlier this week) or the Carmex lip pot original (£2.69 for 7g both of which have the cool tingly sensation and don’t make you look like your wearing your sisters lip gloss.

Penultimate item is the
Collection lasting perfection concealer. CAUTION for a film audition do not go near any kind of concealer, they will see every speck of it through the lens and your chances of being a tough guy in the next big action film will be down the drain. For film, au natural is best and if your good, you’ll get the job and they’ll hire a professional to sort your face out! However this product is great and offers great coverage for tired dark circle and used sparingly can sort out the odd spot too. Colour picking is hard and I am no expert but don’t be afraid to ask, and explain exactly why you want it and how you will use it. Generally though, it is probably worth going a shade lighter than your skin colour. (£4.19 and available in 4 colours)

Lastly I take a hair brush, a razor and a travel size shaving gel ( note I did not say travel size shaving foam) just in case. Again asda, boots superdrug all do travel size products and have a good selection in most stores. They almost certainly all sell empty travel bottles for less than a few quid in case you want to only take a little of what you have at home!

So check out some of these items and see how they work for you. When you are on the go, like I am, you start to really realise whether a product is good or not for you personally – if it is it will become a staple, if not mens grooming is an emerging market… Another product will always be just around the corner!

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