That is beyond…My collection of hairstyling.

That is beyond… My collection of hairstyling.

Now I’m not gonna lie, I have very little understanding of my own hair. It is fine and dry and (sometimes) greasy and its long and short!!! To be honest it’s no wondering have been perpetually confused. One day I promise myself I’ll go to someone who knows a whole lot more than me and they will tell me exactly what I need to do with it!!! (Hint hint)

My main issue is the following:

A) I need it to still resemble my actors head shots (which are one of the most expensive purchases ever)
B) I need to have a smarter look for work
C) a funkier look for going out
D) I need a style that doesn’t always need product in it but still looks good.
(Not a lot to ask!)

I have yet to find any one product that achieves all of this but in my search, I have found products that are great for one style or type of hair or one job. so I want to share my experience of some of the great products on the market that I have used and loved for various reasons.
Mostly these products are easily and cheaply bought from the high street but the odd on rid higher end (and of course pricier!)

So lets start with the
V05 re work fibre Putty

For most people this is a recognisable brand and product, this is a white (very sticky putty) that really needs to be worked in. I found this a fairly difficult product to use at home. You need to really soften it and it ends up all over your hands! It is best used in small amount and on really short hair. For this job it is a good product, when I had graduated sides it was great to get some shape to the shorter hair and blend the haircut in better. As I said this is a cheap and cheerful product and useful, but I think the advertising for this product is misleading, the mohawkey styles with much longer hair that they achieve have been impossible for me to replicate, so be warned for longer hair there are better products out there.

If your hair is of a similar length to Matt Horne then this might be a good one for you.

Next the l’oreal Matt and Messy salt spray

I have reviewed this before and I have to say that this is a great product for a couple of reasons.
Firstly it holds a style loosely in place so it has some movement. It volumises and achieves a thicker look ( this for me is a miracle as I have fine hair). It is a product that leaves your hair looking like there is little or no product in it.
But most importantly it is a product me and the wife both use and so is a good choice if there is limited packing space! Score!
You just spray this in and run your fingers through your hair. It costs between £2 – £4 and is great for finer hair or longer male styles.

Hair like Josh Holloway (sawyer from lost) or like Simon baker from the mentalist? Why not try this out.

tres semme Instant refresh dry shampoo

I was a huge sceptic of this but for volumising a 50’s quiff (as I have been known to wear on occasion) you cannot beat it. It requires a little more work, spraying to the underside of the hair and working it in, but it is an easy product to wear and feels nourishing rather than making your hair greasy. I would also put this into the “taming” category. At £3 – £5 it’s a reasonable price and lasts as you don’t need that much of it.

Bruno mars and David Beckham styles are great for tres semme.

Lush dirty styling cream

This is one of the samples that I was provided with and I love it. This product is a nice middle ground between a wax and a spray it provides hold but movement as well and is great for medium length hair and any thickness too. As I said this was a free sample but you can pick this up from any lush store cheaply. And with lush you know it’s gonna be quality ingredients.

Christiano ronaldo or similar are gonna get the benefits of this product.

American crew forming cream.

Again I have reviewed this before, it is a product that will add a natural shine to your hair. The hold isn’t the best but, add this to the American crew pomade ( or to the tiniest bit of the VO5) and you have a winner.
It’s pricier at £14 but it is a great product and makes the hair look healthy so why not treat yourself!

Leonardo Di CAprio is a good choice for this at any stage of his career.

As with anything you will need to look after your hair, the more product you use, the better the shampoo you will need, tres semme is the one I always come back to. You only need a little and it goes a long long way.

I am still in search of the holy grail of hair products but in the meantime all of these have their place.

Send me some suggestions if you have any:

Happy styling

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