That is beyond… An appeal from my eyebrows!!!!!

Hello, my name is thatisbeyond I’m 29 and I have old man eyebrows! (I’m glad that’s off of my chest!)

I am getting more and more hacked off with my own eyebrows – it seems like daily the over eye slugs are getting more and more monstrous, and to be honest I am too scared to tackle them (you know those guys, the ones who have plucked just a few too many hairs, how do you know when you’ve gone too far) I am scared if I start, that I might not know when to stop… And then it will be too late!

So what do I do to keep on top of them?

If I trim them I risk losing fullness

If I pluck them, I could end up looking like a lady

If I leave them I prematurely age myself by a year or 30


Maybe I should shave em off and use a sharpie instead (this is of course a joke)

So If you have some tips for keeping my eyebrows tip top, why not tweet me with some suggestions.


Thanks, in advance, for your assistance on this one


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