Thatisbeyond…colour me shave!

Pretty much since I started on twitter, I noticed this brand that offered these bottles of brightly coloured shaving products – what they did I wasn’t sure but I would see these faces pop up with neon orange or pink or green on my feed and I thought to myself, what is this all about?!

A few weeks ago I purchased one of the colour me shave range to give it go for myself! It took quite a while to decide which one to go with as the fragrance combinations really are different and appealing!

Here they are:
(Pink) Energising Pommegranate
(Dark Blue) Invigorating White Jasmine and Mint.
(Orange) Nourishing Ginger and Nutmeg
(Purple) Sensitive Amber and Lavender
(Green) Stimulating Mandarin, Lime & Basil

I chose the green concoction, partly because it sounded great and partly that it resembles the gunge that you used to get on kids tv shows!

It smells as amazing as it sounds, and whilst there is something novel about it as a product, you really can feel the benefits once you have applied it. You nee to apply a liberal layer to the skin and work it down into the surface. It’s really refreshing to the skin and as it retains it colour, it also keeps your shaving area full of moisture. This means it is a far superior formulation to any shaving foam on the market.

This range is made by Liz Laurie a mother and wife from Surrey who was inspired by the men in her family and how boring they found the shaving process. The product that she created not only made it more fun, but also used quality ingredients that were beneficial to the men in her life.

I enjoy using this a lot. The mandarin and lime are zingy and are great for waking you up of a morning and the savoury quality of the basil is earthy and gives it a deeper level of fragrance. It’s also fun (if not a bit messy!) It does make everything a tiny bit like slimer! But it’s no biggy, it just needs a wipe round the sink and it will be as good as new!

The best feature though is that it does not dry your skin, and that it lubricates the journey of the blade over the skin. To us guys this means a closer shave and a lot less chance of razor burn. Also because of the texture of the gel, it clings really well and so you don’t have to extraneously shave repeatedly over areas that don’t need it.

Overall this is a great product, and I am desperate to try out some of the other fragrances. It retails at £9.95 for a bottle, which is not high street priced, but it is simple to use and good quality. And with shaving products I always think that if you are going to drag a sharp blade across your face, you want the best quality products helping you out… And for my money this is a really good one.

I would love to see travel sizes and gift sets for Christmas time as this would make a really lovely gift for any fella!

If this is a possibility @colourmeshave then I would like to be on the pre order list.

To get your hands on this unique product why not visit their website on:

And if you have tried any of the other fragrances I would love to hear what you think.


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