ThatIsBeyond…an underwear conundrum!

For one reason or another, I have spent the last week or so doing an extraordinary amount of sitting down! Between travel and meetings and other obligations, it has begun to hit home, once again, how important ones choice of underwear is!

When it comes to a good pair of pants, there are a number of factors to consider and in discovering that I have found those brands that really work for me. This isn’t going to be everyone’s ideal, but hey everyone is different. So here you go anyway…

1) Cut
This is one of the simplest decisions to make, some like boxers, some like briefs, some like the amalgam of the two, and others like something a bit more exciting. I own all of the three main types, for different scenarios and some more specialist styles for a specific job!
Generally in life I wear briefs or boxer briefs. Briefs are the most comfortable, but there are some situations where boxer briefs are more suitable. Boxers I wear for lounging around the house or to bed, and that is about it! When I am feeling sporty, my primary concern is support.

I have done some long distance running in my time, and my discovery has been that a jock strap does the best job of this and has less material to chafe on (and let’s face it no one wants to feel chafing on their balls). I should add that for no other reason would I wear a jock, for me they are a practical piece of underwear. (Again not for all, but for me). The other specialist piece of underwear is a dance belt.

As the name suggests, this is a “belt that dancers use to support their tackle and hold it in to the body whilst also smoothing over the shape, so it is less explicit! These are a cross between a jock and a thong, but again are for this specific job. There are very few male dancers who would risk damaging their penis by not wearing one of these!

2) Comfort
Let’s face it, your underwear could be made from 9 carat gold thread, but if it isn’t comfortable, you wouldn’t want to wear them! Fabric is important to the design, and I have to say that brand does not necessarily equate to comfort!

I find as a basic staple, you can’t go wrong with the Calvin Klein flagship boxer brief (the ones with the three buttons up the front) these are the most comfortable basic underwear I have found on the market and I also find that they wear well and they tend to keep their shape. These are not going to be the most supportive to your man parts but they are comfortable.

For a more sporty and comfortable fit, for the more active male, I cannot recommend enough, Bjorn Borg’s range of underwear. They are gonna offer better hold (keeping things in their place, and a good and tighter fit around the thighs as well) The boxer briefs are available in different leg lengths, and I find that my sizeable arse fits in them too! Great designs and comfort too, what more could you want from this Swedish brand?

3) Size
Buy the right size. The size of your penis is in no way linked to the size of your waist. I would agree that some brands are a little less roomy in the pouch department, but buying an XL isn’t going to make your man look any bigger. Make sure they sit comfortably around the waist, and that they are roomy enough in terms of arse space! Make sure there is no builders crack showing! Your underwear should comfortably cover it. The better fitted the undergarments are the sexier they will look to a partner. Because they will accentuate the best features, without looking like you had to sew yourself into them!

4) Price
No matter how much you spend, you are not going to look like the model on the packaging unless you already have their body. This is a fact, so whilst I absolutely condone spending good money on an item you wear everyday, I am careful about how much to spend on my pants because they aren’t going to turn me into David Beckham or Freddie Ljungberg no matter how much moula I throw at them.

There are affordable high street brands that fit well and look good too. I do want to get my hands on some Emporio Armani briefs, although I have never quite been able to justify the money!


5) Push Up Pouch
Loads of brands now offer a range that features a “push up” pouch. It does vary from brand to brand, but mostly the technology is similar. It’s simply a loop of fabric that hugs under your balls and offers some lift and pull. Because of the lift, your balls sit forward in the pouch and the penis too, is made more prominent.

Aussiebum’s wonder jocks are a great example of this style and for my money are the best ones available on the market. Their briefs are the most comfortable ones with the “uplifting technology” and their website often has amazing deals on many of their lines.

So gents, it’s as simple as this! Take these points into account and you will be both comfortable and stylishly dressed underneath your clothes.
Below Re some links to some of my favourite places to buy my underwear so why not check them out.

Calvin Klein available at ASOS

Bjorn Borg


David Beckham range available at H&M

Tokyo Laundry – available here or in TK Maxx

Emporio Armani available at ASOS

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