ThatIsBeyond…Nip + Man

Well its about time that I let you all in on the newest edition to my Gym washbag. It’s a little range that I am sure that you have all heard of called Nip+Man.

These are a range of products marketed towards the athletic man (which we all know that I am not) but I have to say that there are some very redeeming features to the range that make at least some of them suitable for the everyday guy!

In essence, these are a set of active gels that work in to your worked-out muscles and provide definition, tone, and a supple skin texture. With each one of them developed for different muscle groups these could be a nice addition to your daily work outs.
Each of the fixers are individually developed to suit the given area and therefore have a different sensation and effect on the area. I will start with the Ab Fix – I swiftly came to the conclusion that this one wasn’t for me. Unfortunately I have no discernable abs with which this product can work on! This is not a fault of the product, but instead a fault of my useless sit-up technique! And so I thought it would be fairer to test it on a friend of mine who looks much more like Mr Dan Osbourne who adorns their website.

And here is what he thought…
Firstly he really liked it, he found that with use over the first week or so, there was noticeable tone and definition differences across the muscle structure. He found that as the formulation is so easy to use and not sticky, it didn’t hinder his post work out routine at all, he also felt that the skin was more moisturised and soft, so all in all a great review. Matt has a great body tone to start with, but anything that will make more of what you have got, has got to get a double thumbs up from me.

The Pec Fix I did use on myself, my chest is a tad better developed than my non-existent abs and I have to say I too was pretty impressed with the results. The over riding sensation is that it firms the skin around the muscles and just sculpts in a quite pleasing manner. I have been conscious of the “Moob” situation in the past and I think that even without a huge amount of musculature in that area, the difference instilled a bit of confidence in me, because it looked… well, better!

The Bicep Fix is my favourite of the three of them, and that is mainly to do with the fact that, of the three areas, this is my most developed area in terms of muscle. As with the other two, its easy to apply and does not leave any film on the skin. It works into the muscle shape quickly and effectively, and I think that there was a feeling of cooling on the freshly showered muscles. I really think that these are a nifty set of products that regular gym goers will appreciate, and for the guys more like me, they are going to make the most of whatever the results are.

The Power Workout Fix is in a league of its own. This is a product that will make you question how you ever managed without it! This muscle warming serum comes in a rollerball applicator, and this is where the genius begins! With the applicator, you can get into the nooks and crannies of the muscles and massage it into the tired areas. I have over developed calf muscles and I was so happy to get the product so effectively to the tired areas. And because it is precise in the application, you don’t get the warming gel onto areas that you don’t want it on… if you catch my drift! This is a must have product, I guarantee that you won’t regret buying it.

Would I buy the them again yes ( probably not the Ab fix – at least not until the abs escape the layer of fat over the top!) but these are reasonably priced products that do a good job.(and Matt now has my ab fix, so it wont go to waste!)


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