ThatIsBeyond… Part 2 of the M&S SS15 Collection, the Best of British

So this is part two of my look at the M&S SS15 collection. Basically this is because there was so much to take in that was great! This post is mainly focusing on their “Best of British” range. The collection had a very “British” feel to the styles themselves, but the title of the range also relates to the fact that the collection is made here, within the British Isles. And in these times, that has got to be supported.

What I loved about the Best of British collection was the easy feel to the tailoring. For me the pieces were a modern twist on Riviera masculinity. It’s a clever collection that feels current but also plays on nostalgia. I spent a fair amount of time trying to discover who the customer was, and I really believe that this part of the collection will appeal to a wide variety of people. There is a preppy aspect to it, but also contemporary additions to classic styles, which are going to appeal to the younger demographic.

One particular item that I am overjoyed to see the return of, is the cravat. Several mannequins were adorned with next seasons key accessory, but it wasn’t over the top or formal, it was relaxed and comfortable… And dare I say casual too. This pop of colour, with a simple knot worked so well with an open collar shirt, and would transfer easily into a more formal outfit for evening wear.

The double breasted jacket also put in an appearance as a semi-nautical piece, and if there is one style of tailoring that will suit the everyman, it’s the double breasted jacket. It provides structure and clean lines (and essentially irons out the bumps). The detailing of cross over panel and the buttons is flattering on my wider frame too. This really summarised the feel of the collection for me, the Best of British is not just about tailoring or about geography, it’s about understanding British masculinity and creating a collection that will let them be the confident men that they are.

Hands down, the must-have item in the collection are these grey/brown brogues. They are a fusion on formal wear andfun casual wear which really are going to see you through both seasons and beyond. There is a softness to the upper that tones-down the formalality of the trouser leg and really compliments these smart/casual styles.

We see the influence of subtle checks and tartans on the cloth, and the Best of British collection mutes these graphic prints and makes them wearable for day or evening. We have seen some of these themes running through the rest of the menswear too (as is the jacket below), but I have to say that the Best Of British lines really come together and are quintessentially about excellent styling with effortless ease.

Not from the Best of British line – but certainly worth a mention is this interpretaion of a woven or straw hat. I guarentee we are going to see this worn in the spring, it’s the kind of style that a 20 year old or someone in their forties can truly work. The patterned underside take this item to another level – ensuring that what could be blah, is a statement that speaks for the SS15 collection as a whole.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these goodies myself. You have to see what M&S have to offer when this collection hits the shops, but in the meantime – their tailored winter items are my must have Christmas gifts.


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