Thatisbeyond’s… top Christmas picks for the discerning gent!

So firstly, I wanted to give everyone a huge apology for being off of the radar for a while. I have been treading the boards in a musical, and it has zapped my mental and physical strength! So this month I will be making sure I post as regularly as possible.

Christmas is not about the gifts, but if someone is kind enough to buy you one, then it might as well be something you are going to love! So here are my top picks for Christmas gifts for us guys!

Nip+ Man
I have reviewed the set fairly recently, and I will be honest with you and say how much I like it. This is the perfect gym bag addition, as it becomes part of your work out routine. These gels work into the stated areas, offer some definition and also help to relieve some of the aches and pains. This is particularly true of the power workout fix, which uses a rollerball to get deep into achy muscle tissue. If the men in your life spend a fair amount of time in the gym, then this is going to be a decent Christmas gift for them.

David Gandy Underwear
Well, I probably don’t need to say a huge amount about this loungewear range that is inherently masculine and fits superbly. If you haven’t heard of the range, then you are probably hiding under a log.
This range is all about the cut and the design, and it ticks all of these boxes. Classy and most importantly, comfortable, you need a selection of cuts in your Christmas stocking this year. Particularly excellent are the briefs, which have a simple elegant and flattering cut.
Top quality loungewear is really important to me as they are the items that I spend my downtime in. This houndstooth lightweight dressing gown easily tops my wish list this year, it is the perfect item for when you are travelling and is also sophisticated. Thank you Mr Gandy!

London Sock Company Socks
I have seen many posts in this company and I have entered many a competition (to no avail!) to get my hands on the colourful gift collection. These are quality item that are going to brighten up your sock drawer and add some personality to any outfit!
The pictured set is £149 which is a fair whack of money for socks, but they do look lovely!

Camden Brewery – Gentleman’s Wit.
I have blogged about this beer before, but I have to say it’s worth another mention. It has a great depth of flavour and the bergamot tones to it are delicious. Any beer connoisseur is going to relish the chance to taste this gent of a beverage! The Camden brewery offer some truly great pints, so as always drink responsibly, but why not use christmas as an opportunity to try them for yourself?!

Grey Double Breasted Jacket
I love the double breasted jacket, there is something vintage a dapper about it. It’s a great shape for me as it tapers in at the middle and makes the most of my broad shoulders. This style can also help make your shoulders look bigger and more defined. It is almost impossible not to have good posture when you wear a double breasted jacket, which means that you naturally wear it better! The detailing of the buttons is great and. It’s not what everyone is wearing on the high street! M&S are hitting it out of the park with their tailoring so make sure you check out their collection. The jacket featured is available on-line, but please make sure that the fit is right for you, try them on!!!

Bath and Bodyworks Marshmallow Fireside Candle.
This is my favourite candle (alongside Leaves) from the range and I have yet to find a similar one to rival it in any other brand. The downside? Well … You can’t get them delivered in the UK! This sweet autumn winter fragrance is perfect for our house, it pleases my wife, but the woody fireside tones also add a hint of masculinity. The perfect candle if I could get my hands on it. (I am so jealous of my friends in the US).

212 Carolina Herrera
This is my return to scent. It’s is a great, light, yet interesting fragrance that is masculine without hefty amounts of musk. The price point is reasonable, with gift sets around the £30 mark, and this is one of those fragrances that 90% of men will like. If your guy likes a heavier, muskier scent then the answer is 212 sexy, which is a more evening choice of fragrance with a spicier blend to it.

The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.
This book is not new, but it is one that I go back to time and time again because it is such an interesting read. Based on factual situations, it explores why people are the way that they are by scrutinising the facts surrounding events or circumstances. It also explores how we make ourselves a genius!!!
This is a great read and is easily digestible too. So why have the story of success this Christmas???

The Classy Christmas Jumper
I like Christmas jumpers in all of their many forms. I am no stranger to a Christmas penguin or reindeer head adorning my “fashion”! But there are some occasions where something a little more classic is appropriate. This Christmas cardi is from ASOS and ticks that box. Besides its novelty Christmas factor, it is a nice shawl cut cardigan in its own right. It’s £42 and worth every penny in my humble opinion!

L’oreal Men Expert skin and stubble moisturising gel
Possibly my grooming product of the year. The L’oreal Men Expert skin and stubble moisturising gel is a great stocking filler, it has a formulation that works into the skin without leaving any sticky residue, but also helps to soften coarse facial hairs, making them more comfortable and easier to manage (when trying to achieve a sculpted look). This product is available from boots for£10-£13. And really is a move forward in the male moisturising market. It really works and is so easy to fit into a grooming routine.

So have yourself a merry little Christmas, and if you don’t find these things under your tree, why not treat yourself?


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