It’s always exciting when David Gandy releases another collection in collaboration with Marks and Spencer. They are always eagerly awaited by the men’s fashion world, and the quality and fit are always top notch. Following his hugely successful debut swimwear collection, there has been a lot of anticipation for this release. This newest release feels like an updated extension to its predessessor and whilst you will certainly want to get your hands on it, there is still some longevity in your favourites from last summer.


What to expect from David Gandy Swimwear? Well if you missed the previous collection, the great news is that I have a post on the signature swimwear lines HERE.
With all of David’s designs, you know that you will be getting menswear that fits exquisitely and is cut to the make the very most of your shape. I personally find swimwear very exposing and daunting to wear, but when you have confidence in your outfit (however small the garment is!) it makes a whole lot of difference to your confidence. Instead of the clothes wearing you, you can strut your stuff on the beach wearing the clothes.

The detailing is top of the line, and there are also some fantastic features. Take for example the button extenders at the sides which help create a much more fitted silhouette but also add some polish and interest on the sides. I also love the vertical stripe that is featured on two of the designs within the collection, it helps creates an athletic feel to an otherwise tailored look.

The quick dry material is all about functionality, taking swimwear from the poolside to the casual restaurant in one quick-dry phase. As with the previous collection, a waterproof pouch is provided so that you can keep your towel dry, and each pair is available in mid-length and short-length. Those of us with not much to shout about above the navel, but have pretty good legs can once again utilise the shorter length to our advantage!


I am definitely intrigued by this classic white pair. They will look great against a summer tan and can be worn with absolutely anything to create a summery chic style. My concern with white is the translucency issue! I am a family man these days, and no-one needs to see that!!! I am willing to bet that Gandy is one step ahead of my thinking on this one though.

Coral Geometric Print

These “coral” shorts with a dotted geometric print feel very hip and young. They are a light-hearted contrast to the tailored fit and are more vibrant than any of the previous collection. I think these will prove popular with us fun-loving guys who don’t take life too seriously… But still want to look good on the beach


Bold Colours 

I love these bright additions to the range. Youthful and bold, these pack a punch and make a bold statement. With the addition of these, the collection appeals to all different generations, all of whom will look super stylish in the designs. This really is the everyman swimwear collection of 2016.

Puppy tooth 

These subtle and elegant pairs have a textured feel to them. The muted pallet makes them super stylish and of the whole collection these have the potential to “dress up” the most, in a slightly more formal setting. The small pattern creates a linen-like appearance which is a staple for the St Tropez look of every season.
I have focussed in on just a few of the designs, but there is a whole lot more to explore in this contemporary range. From salmon to cobalt, puppy tooth to herringbone and even a Prince of Wales check – the real difficulty is choosing which ones to buy!

In a little moment of reminiscence I have taken some of my Gandy’s out of my wardrobe and have given them a test-drive… I love them all over again! They are comfortable and fun, and best of all they are 50% swimwear and 50% shorts, which make them 100% wearable.

I cannot wait to try the new styles out for myself… Especially these white ones!

So try some of this fantastic range for yourself and let me know what you think. the previous range has proved to be a staple of my summer wardrobe, and with all the choices  from this new collection also now available, you may just need to clear some space! Each piece is £29.95 from Marks and Spencer.





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