ThatIsBeyond… Gandy’s Gentlemen’s Garbs

The most important aspect to successful loungewear is simply it’s comfortability. Yes it’s also great if you can add some stylish flair to it (gone are the days when threadbare joggers and an ill-fitting Tee will cut the mustard in the loungewear stakes) but at the heart of the best loungewear, comfort is prized above all else.
It is lucky then, that David Gandy’s latest release of loungewear hasn’t had to compromise – the quality that we expect from his designs is there in spades, but the comfort is not lost in the process of creating style.
As a new(ish) dad, my style sensibilities have developed a lot, choosing to remain comfortable and cosy for a quiet night in on the sofa instead of a thumping night out. But what I love most about this latest 18 piece capsule collection is that anyone with an inmate sense of style will find pieces that will work for them. Try them on for yourselves and see what #gandywear had in store for your future!

As with every Gandy capsule, luxury fabrics are at the foundation of the collection. New this time is the introduction of Modal silk, creating a sumptuous, soft and comfortable feel. This unique fabric choice features in the classic long sleeve lounge top with matching bottoms as well as this super trendy pyjama set that is amongst the must-have items of AW2016.

For me though, I have to get my hands on one of these masculine and stylish dressing gowns. Gentlemanly and suave, these winter must-haves are the epitome of style for a man of any age. Whatever your size or shape, make the most of your masculinity in garbs that will make you look and feel like the man that you are. A great gift option as well, I will be hoping for one of these bad-boys to be wrapped and waiting under tree this Christmas! 

If you are looking for a bit of opulence, then the 100% cashmere hoodie and matching bottoms may be the outfit for you! (now available in blue marl). I can only imagine how good these would feel on… 

Gandy once again let’s his flair for design run free, in the ultimate masculine collection for the colder months.

Get your Gandy on! But give me a chance to get my hands on some first!

All items available in UK stores and online and prices are starting from £22.50 for a T-shirt.


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