ThatIsBeyond…David Gandy’s loungewear – a gift to Dads EVERYWHERE!

This week has been a haze of manic energy. Work has been busy, my one year old son has been poorly, I have driven through most of the south of England… oh and I got a new job!
What a modern Dad wants at the end of all that, is some hardcore sofa time, a beer and some bloody comfortable clothes! 

As a huge fan of The Gandy’s designer menswear, I was pleased to see the release of his newest collection,hit the shelves this week.
What you can expect is a contemporary play on his existing range in a wider selection of colours in the same palate. The quality is as ever, extremely high – David’s previous collections have walked the line of comfort and style so fluidly, that some of my favourite pieces are still in the “only to be worn by me pile” (as much as my wife tries to get her hands on them.)

Check out the masculine detailing on this fantastic dressing gown – an elongated curved lapel that creates that gentlemanly silhouette with a reference to a 20’s smoking jacket, large pockets and a tonal fabric that will keep this piece looking good for longer. Whilst running around after the little one, you may as well look stylish doing it, and this could be just the ticket.

As a man, I fully appreciate the effort that Gandy has put into creating his underwear range (which is a staple of my Pants Drawer!) Not only do they look fantastic on, but whichever your chosen style, they do their job – supporting the boys whilst remaining comfortable to wear. I am so excited to see the range of shorts has expanded in this collection, because after his underwear, his shorts really are the best in my humble opinion .

They ooze quality, with a stretch in the fabric that means comfort is never a compromise. And they are literally the most stylish comfort wear a new Dad could ask for (guys you need to take care of you as well a the kids and your partner).

These Supima Sateen Shorts are my favourite piece of the new collection – classic and yet contemporary these are going to look great, whether you have a beach bod to show off in just the shorts or whether like me one of the David Gandy collection Tees will be a better fit for the larger-framed fella.

There really is something for everyone – so why don’t you take a moment to relax in your Gandy’s? 

David Gandy says, “It’s so important to me to make the most of the rare moments when I get to relax. I travel a lot with work, and want to be as comfortable as possible, whether on the go or relaxing at the end of a long day. I don’t want to be changing constantly, so I have designed the range to be versatile; easy to layer, comfortable and good for hotter and cooler temperatures.

Which is great news for Fathers everywhere… welcome to your new “at home survival style kit.” And mine will be starting with this Hoodie (as soon as I get a moment to get to the shops!) 

The David Gandy for Autograph collection is available in store and online now!


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