ThatIsBeyond…Bobby Abley and some Loony Tunes!

Early in the new year @lqdlondon passed on an invite to the hotly anticipated showing of the new collection from Bobby Abley. I couldn’t have turned it down if I had wanted to!

The buzz of the show was audible upon entry to the home of London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM) and the whose who of the industry were celebrating in style! The party atmosphere continued into the collection itself, which featured the bold brights and graphic checks that you would expect from Abley and a whimsical nod to the cartoons of our childhoods (presuming you are as old as I am!) and some voluminous texture that was out of this world.

A clever catwalk and incredible music meant that each outfit was viewed from several angles and the greyish space was the perfect backdrop for the potent bursts of colour that traversed the walkway. This collection is fun fun fun and on the most part, very wearable.

The checked trousers in vibrant yellows and oranges strolled down the catwalk with a breezy ease that could have easily have continued through the front doors and into the night.

The whimsy of the faux-fur Bugs Bunny overalls was brought down to earth with streetwear stylings and a bunny ear bandana.

The sweatshirt character faces, were fun but the over- sized, yet perfectly cut garments were far from child’s play, they were stylishly donned pieces of street/ sportswear that I guarantee we will be swing across the media in the coming months.

And finally THE beaded tracksuit in green that seemed to me to be a nod to the vibrancy of London Fashion Week – a fashion forward cut but on a basic tracksuit, that rose to the occasion with embellishments but somehow seems completely wearable.

Also a nod to the hats, throughout the show, that took the styling to another level.

Thanks Bobby – now to get my hands on the “Bugs Bunny Face” sweatshirt.

Off to put on my LQD face mask and take my skin to another level!


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