It’s not every day that you can truly say that you have an affinity with a brand. There can be lots of variables that get in the way. One of the key issues being tackled in recent months is male mental health and I think, that when it comes to fashion, I am greatly affected by what I see in adverts and branding, namely because I never see me.

Of course I’m not talking specifically about me modelling the clothes… but it would be nice to see greater representation. My body type is not a gym bunny, or a modelesque fashionista or a bronzed Adonis. It’s hard to put into words what I AM, because all of the words that come to mind are derogatory to my own self – and this is born from a lack of representation. So without the words to describe myself, let’s brave a picture (afterall, as they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words).

Society and in fact my own psyche has chipped away at my person, and has left me wondering – what brand represents me?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I often google tips on what to wear often with wordings similar to the sentences below:

And do you know what the results say?

Very Little.

Because it seems that fashion (in the mainstream) isn’t made for men like me. People aren’t interested. People are disgusted by fat and the people that have it. Fat people are not good looking. Fat people are not fit. It appears that Fat people are not really people, at all.

With this in mind, you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across Kennies a brand that featured men like me, having a whale of a time in their underwear…

Hold up, I actually re-scrolled to find the advert again, because I thought I was hallucinating!

As well as great pants, these guys had personality, charisma and the fun factor, the type of guys that I want to be mates with! So straight away I had to find out more – I placed an order and got some delivered! And since then I haven’t looked back.

Kennies have developed a great product. These boxer briefs are so goddamn comfortable, that it has been a game changer for me. Normally irritated by the bunching of fabric around my sizeable thighs and arse, I normally opt for briefs (especially for sport). But the micro-modal fabric that these bad boys are made from, means that uncomfortable bunching is a thing of the past.

The fabric is so soft and sculpts itself to your shape without feeling constrictive – in fact it moves with you. It holds everything in place but also gives it some room to move. In short, your are supported, but your willy has some freedom as well! I have now worn my Kennies Boxer briefs for a couple of gym sessions and a 10k run, and I have absolutely no complaints. They are breezy and seem to absorb the inevitable sweat away from the genitals, leaving you feeling dry throughout your work out.

You see the thing about guys like me, is that that we want a lot of the same things as the “sculpted guys”. We want comfort, we want to look good, we want support etc, but we also prize other qualities that a skinny man probably doesn’t experience! Like a waistband that folds over – when you have a curvy stomach to contend with, waistbands don’t sit like they do on the models, in fact it is a constant annoyance to me that it doesn’t stay flat, because I can’t escape knowing that it’s because I am carrying those extra pounds! And trust me a fat guy knows he’s fat, he doesn’t need reminding!

Next, this brand has a great ethos. A product that is sustainable and developed to be long-lasting and the antithesis to disposable fashion. The micromodal fabric looks and feels good and is ethical, with no harmful chemicals released into the environment. Kennies recognise that we can no longer close our eyes to the effects of our actions and so are very transparent about their processes and the product itself. They are also supporting the UK’s marine life:


As you can see, Kennies as a brand is not afraid to break the mould. It’s not just about pants – it’s about the whole “bigger” picture.

I can stand proud in my new underwear and know that this brand has my back. I don’t need to be ashamed of how I look. I just need to be me – and with my new Kennies boxer briefs, I look good too. (Even if I do say so myself).

The boxer briefs (as modelled by me) and trunks are available from for £16 – and in my opinion, that is an absolute bargain. (I would like to know if briefs will be in the pipeline, as well?)

So whilst my own self-deprecation is unlikely to disappear, and nor is my discomfort with my own body, at least I have found a brand that I feel is for the everyman (and hence ME as well) and that representation is good for the mental health of all of us – No holds barred!


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