Murdock London is one of the quintessential brands in the modern man’s arsenal. Amazing barbers with a focus on the experience of having a hair cut or shave, but they also offer way more than just a trim!

I have raved for years about their product range. Their fragrances are modern and masculine blends, that smell amazing and leave you feeling upbeat and confident, my absolute fave is the Black Tea cologne. Products can do way more than their function on the surface – and this is a brand that truly knows this, they discover what their clients need from a product and then they design it. It’s as simple as that!

“Turn the volume up on flat, lifeless hair” with Murdock London

I have been so excited for the release of this new haircare product by Murdock London, because as soon as I read the description – I felt that it had been made entirely for me! The Murdock London Sea Salt Volume Mousse*

As a man with somewhat flat hair, I am always looking for a bit of a lift! So I have been on an eternal search for hair care products that volumise my otherwise flat and lifeless mop – and create style and texture that I can be confident with.

Sea salt sprays have already done a reasonable job, the formulation does give lift but for me I have always found it difficult to also achieve a style that is flexible but lasts throughout the day without getting messy… and so this new release from Murdock London has opened a new door to stylish lewks with enough hold to ensure you stay looking sharp throughout the day!

This innovative new product has been created by Murdock’s team of expert barbers, and they packed it with active ingredients including Seaweed Extract (rich in minerals and vitamins to help hair grow stronger)

The Sea Salt Volume Mousse creates thicker-feeling hair and provides a dramatic lift whilst offering the flexibility to create a variety of hairstyles across different hair types, including fine and curly hair.

The new mousse is part of the Murdock Clean Label range– a collection of premium grooming supplies free from Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGs and Synthetic Dyes. The latest launch from Murdock is Petroleum and Lanolin free and is also suitable for vegetarians. But don’ take my word for it, you can click the link above to the Murdock London Web page for all of the Clean Label range details.

And what do the in-house experts who developed the product recommend?

‘’Maximise your application with plenty of heat using a hairdryer to create new levels of volume and texture. Use a brush to achieve a polished volume, or ruffle through dry hair with your hands to create a more dishevelled look’’

You can get your hands on Murdock’s Sea Salt Volume Mousse by visiting

And the fantastic news, gentlemen, is still that it’s still available to purchase at a special launch price of £18 (RRP £24).

Either visit or from any of the Murdock London Barbershops.

And whilst you’re there why not tell them that ThatIsBeyond sent you!

Oh and P.S. … they currently have 25% off of their colognes 😍 so if you act quick you can pick up a bargain too!

*please note that this product was gifted for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own.

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