As with most things these days, I am choosing to blame the pandemic for the state of my skin! Coupled with the rather chilly weather and the constant need for hand sanitiser my skin is choosing to punish me for all that its been put through.

I have had 3 products which are an essential part of keeping my skin full of life and close to IG ready for that cheeky selfie!


There is no doubt that our lips take a battering in the cold weather anyway, then factor in the dry air from the much needed heating as well, and you have the perfect storm for dry chapped lips, that need some serious care. For emergency use, when the cracking and chapping has got out of hand I always refer back to the Blistex Lip Relief Cream 6g (which if I am honest tastes medicinal and horrid, but definitely does the job).

But for everyday use to stay on top of those lips, I dont need to steer far from my favourite barber brand – Murdock London and their REPAIRING LIP SALVE (the packaging has changed, but the product is the same big boy stuff). With its traditional minty scent, you can’t really go wrong, and with every Murdock London product, it’s quality ingredients, intensive repair and better still, designed and made for MEN!

This lip salve for cracked lips moisturises, heals and soothes lips by getting to work immediately on application. Contains a carefully chosen blend of butters and oils that protect from chapping and cracking without leaving a sticky or shiny residue. Easy to use, convenient enough for a man to carry with him everywhere.


I know that I am not the only one suffering with dry, flaky and damaged skin on my hands… in fact between soap, anti bac, the cleaning wipes that are used multiple times every hour at work and my training regime, I am really putting my poor hands through the ringer.

So for a solution to this ongoing problem I have turned to my favourite U.S. brand Bath and Bodyworks for a festive answer! The Twisted Peppermint nourishing hand cream is a great product. Its a heavy cream formulation with:

A winter-fresh blend of cool peppermint, sugared snow, vanilla buttercream & fresh balsam

It sinks into the skin nicely and rejuvenates them leaving the skin moisturised and soft. I keep mine to hand at all times.

NB: BATH AND BODYWORKS DO NOT DELIVER TO THE UK. (which is a massive shame) I have my suppliers in the U.S. !


My skin has the perfect balance… of being hugely oily and super dry! Honestly, I avoided skincare for such a long time because I had no idea where to begin. The main problem being, a super dry complexion with a propensity to sweat A LOT – it can sometimes feel like there is a film covering my face!

I have a whole routine now (thanks to my lovely wife) but the cleansing, toning and general preparation stages are where i was going wrong. I needed a single product that would cleanse down the surface and prepare the skin for all of the moisture i was going to apply! I have tried so many, with varying amounts of success, but i was so pleased to stumble upon the Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear facial wash (available on the link through Superdrug).

This refreshing daily facial cleanser contains pink grapefruit & vitamin C for a clearer radiant complexion. The gel gently cleanses to help prevent imperfections without overdrying skin.

It’s oil free and excellent for blemish prone skin. I love how refreshed my skin feels, you can feel the zing from the pink grapefruit and it is a deep cleanse. some people with super sensitive skin may find it a bit much but as I precede my heavy mosituriser with this facial wash it lays the foundation nicely for my skin to take in all the goodness.

I would highly recommend.


Listen, I am never going to have perfect skin. But simple to use key products make skincare easy and effective for everyday use. Another important factor for me is convenience – a sort of grab and go product that makes the grooming process a little easier. And if we can spend less time looking after our skin, then we have more time to focus on other things… like netflix, painting by numbers or baking banana bread!


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