My accidental half Marathon!

I am sort of bored about talking about Covid-19 and being locked down. With the adverse effects of lockdown penetrating the lives of most of the world, it can sometimes feel that the pandemic is inescapable and right now it’s directly related to what I wanted to write about – go figure!

Throughout the last year I did not let the Corona Virus get in the way of what I wanted to achieve. I worked hard and had the time to really focus on self-care. I had a coach who helped me to get and feel more healthy with every passing month. I set myself new challenges to keep me occupied and I had my son to help navigate through these crazy times ensuring as much normality as possible.

Even when I lost my dream job which I had spent 13 years navigating a route to, I managed to soldier on through the grief-like grip it had on me and weathering the swings of mood. But it has been a long year and with the festivities of Christmas and being surrounded by chocolate and home-made confections – I have made a few excuses for the extra calories… ok full disclosure A LOT of excuses!

Like these bad boys!

As the new year arrived I had decided to get tough again. Count the calories, exercise regularly and take care of my mental health more carefully. I got out running, I went on regular walks I ate more healthily and I prioritised things that gave me focus and allowed my creativity to flow.

My routine though was short-lived as homeschooling was introduced into our lives again – there wasn’t time to exercise, the nights were too wet and dark for regular exercise and I was mentally and physically exhausted.

But what I couldn’t tell throughout all of this was whether I was making excuses or whether I was prioritising other things over my physical health. I miss the gym. If the gyms were open I would be a more mentally stable and physically healthy person. I have limited equipment at home, but it’s not the same as the routine and regularity and consistency that I managed to achieve at my beloved gym. I find it hard to motivate myself.

I started to run more regularly and then horror hit – my old knee injury flared up. The acuteness of the pain is (I think) partly the cold weather and partly that I hadn’t stretched enough and so the tight muscles are putting extra work through the knees. Historically I have had issues with my knees but then again I was carrying round a few extra stone! So perhaps that is to be expected!

Now the conundrum…

Should I rest my knee because it’s painful or am I using this pain as an excuse not to go out? I could strap it up, I could move more slowly or shorten the distance to make things easier. Right now my brain is telling me to rest. But it’s also beating me up with thoughts of gaining weight losing muscle mass and fitness. I want to make the right decision for me and not fall into a pattern of excuses like I have done in the past.

Recording attire – equality for all

For now I am focussing on other challenges until I am pain free. I have recorded some music and am working on editing the first few tracks for my “album”, I am gradually working through some DIY at home and making sure that our home is a place where we can all feel tranquil and relaxed in. That will be enough.

In terms of fitness I am aiming to get my steps up, to do short but regular weights sessions and some home yoga. That will perhaps have to do – but if I am still saying this is a months’ time you have permission to kick me into gear!

No more excuses, just common sense.


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