I love working with brands that bring products to market which have had a lot a thought and development in them. It’s doesn’t feel like work at all!

When I was approached by The BlueBeard’s Revenge – I was fully aware of the quality of their product range and the journey that their products have been on. I was delighted to get some of their extensive range to try out for myself and review for all of my readers!

So in this post I want to introduce you to The Bluebeards Revenge and some of the #gifted items I will be reviewing in the coming weeks!

So what is The Bluebeards Revenge? I hear you say… well keep on reading for the full lowdown on this piratey branded grooming line.

The Brand.

The Bluebeards Revenge is an all encompassing male grooming brand with a fantastic range of shave, hair and body products based on my home soil in the South West of England #supportlocal. You could be forgiven for thinking that their lighthearted approach is a reflection on their product range, but to the contrary, they are serious about the male grooming experience and their footprint on the environment too.

In true piratey fashion the company was conceived during a rum-fuelled evening, when the now Bluebeard-in-Chief was challenged to find a range of men’s shaving products that could stand up to the toughest stubbles known to man… and that in my opinion is as good a reason as any to start a business!

Their environmental credentials start with responsible use of plastic and also being vegan friendly – but as I mentioned before as a company they are developing all the time and constantly consider their impact on this earth… a clean planet is everyone’s responsibility.

“to provide all-conquering shave, beard, hair and body products to men all over the world is completely pointless if there’s no planet for those guys to live on!” And ain’t that the truth?!

The Range.

The classic shampoo bar, classic ice soap, face scrub, matt paste, cooling moisturiser, antiperspirant, antiperspirant eco refill, sea salt spray, liquid wood styling comb.

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