ThatIsBeyond…The Frustrations of a long-torsoed man!

There are many great qualities about the high street. And I truly believe we need to work to keep them afloat. But with the high street in this financial climate, comes cost-cutting measures that have left me as a shopper feeling cut out of the market. I have found that finding fashion is unattainable to […]

Thatisbeyond…the size of change

Thatisbeyond…the size of change I have just attended the: “Size ASOS – Menswear Body Scanning Event – Help shape our future ” data collection event at ASOS HQ. The purpose… To collect data from men of all shapes and sizes to inform the design and fit of their ‘own brand’ range. (And let’s face it […]

Thatisbeyond…a rant to the high street

Thatisbeyond…a rant to the high street. I am not gonna lie, I buy almost all of my clothes and grooming products from the high street. It’s partly an up-bringing thing and partly a finance thing, but whatever is at the heart of it, it’s how I have rolled and how I thought I would continue […]