Thatisbeyond…the size of change

Thatisbeyond…the size of change

I have just attended the: “Size ASOS – Menswear Body Scanning Event – Help shape our future ” data collection event at ASOS HQ.

The purpose… To collect data from men of all shapes and sizes to inform the design and fit of their ‘own brand’ range. (And let’s face it gents, we have to commend any company who actively makes the shopping experience for unconventionally shaped men easier!)

From what I can see there are three pools of data that will be used to get a fuller overview of what sizes us men are!
1) questions
2) manual measurements
3) scanned measurements.

(I should add that part three does require you to be in tight fitting underwear and nothing else for a very short period of time, but it is very private and no one sees you #phew!)

The questionnaire was standard. Nothing too invasive, and it struck me that as well as requiring the data ASOS care about the service that they provide and the products that they sell to us. The most interesting question was essentially… What body shape you you describe yourself as – later on in the process, you will be blown away!

The manual measurements were mainly focused on accessories. I think sometimes we forget that products are the size that they are because of a set of measurements. Everything from head circumference – to ring size was hand measured. As I was going through this process I was thinking to myself about items I had bought from asos and If I would buy a larger variety, if I knew the sizing was right… And the simple answer is yes! If I could see an item and know straight away that it would fit well, then I would be much more likely to buy it!

The scanning (which was built up in my mind as a much scarier event than actually took place) is a collection of cameras that focus on different areas of the body and create a 3D digital image of it. The cameras can slice through your body in various key areas to get a super accurate cross section measurement on your body (cool eh!)
Now this (as I stated earlier) did mean that I was in a skimpy pair of underwear for no more than 30 seconds and never in a place where anyone could see me!

There were robes provided for any not entirely private areas, and when you enter the scanner alone you disrobe in privacy!

Probably the best part was seeing a 3D image of myself (trust me when I say I looked completely different to how I thought my body shape was) and also chatting to the amazing ASOS team who made suggestions for sizing etc. Overall a great way to spend my Saturday morning.

I will not accept that there is no place in fashion for a guy of my size and shape. I won’t apologise to the world for being me, and honestly I can’t go into another dressing room knowing that the brand I am trying on will not fit. A large is a differential size, but a 36” waist should be a 36” waist and all too often on the high street, it is not. I want to thank ASOS for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the journey and taking my size into consideration.

What do I want to see next? I want to see real size men in their clothes, because for a range that puts fit at the forefront of their fashion, it would be nice to see a broader range of shapes in their online store. I have no doubt that this will happen at some point soon and I for one will be buying their range.

Thatis beyond the size of change, and if ASOS are looking for some
Normal men to try their range on, I will be in the front of the queue!

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