ThatIsBeyond…The dreaded return to the Gym.

ThatIsBeyond…The dreaded return to the Gym. I enjoy the Gym, but sometimes life gets in the way! I am a creature of habit, so when I do go I truly commit to going! But in the past when life has got in the way… That has been the end of the road. But not this […]

Thatisbeyond… Olive oil and paper panties!

Today on the island of Crete I treated myself to little massage in the Spa that is part of our hotel. First of all there were a plethora of options, as many as your average food menu at least! Included were your usual relaxing, aromatherapy options, waxing and facials, but there were two variations on […]

That is beyond… The joy of Forbidden broadway!

Last night I went to see Forbidden Broadway at the Vaudeville Theatre, on The Strand. I was blown away by the sheer comedy and the energy and vocal stylings of the five strong cast. This is theatre in a more traditional sense. Comedy sketches and songs belted out with gay abandon! This is not the […]

Thatisbeyond… A two year stomach ache.

For a long time I have had a stomach ache 😦 It was when I realised that it had been this way for over two years that I thought (the lightbulb switches on) I should probably do something about it! The problem with this sort of issue is that over time you just get used […]

ThatIsBeyond…an underwear conundrum!

For one reason or another, I have spent the last week or so doing an extraordinary amount of sitting down! Between travel and meetings and other obligations, it has begun to hit home, once again, how important ones choice of underwear is! When it comes to a good pair of pants, there are a number […]

ThatIsBeyond…the plague of nerves and the benefits they can bring.

I have worked in theatre for most of my adult life. Nerves are a huge part of what I do, and not handled correctly the can be debilitating to a performer, but under the right circumstances nerves can also be exhilerating and be one of the driving forces in creating a magical performance. Most of […]

Thatisbeyond…one day ageing you a decade!

Thatisbeyond…one day ageing you a decade! Within my group of friends, all of our birthdays fall between the 23rd of August and the 27th December. Mine being the first. This has meant that between New Years and the summer holidays, it is all about me! Which in turn means I have 8 months every year […]

Thatisbeyond…this blogpost was not what I intended to write, but I will post those thoughts another day.

Thatisbeyond…this blogpost was not what I intended to write, but I will post those thoughts another day. Do what makes you happy. That is my advice to you. Because every second that you spend doing what makes you happy, will make the rest of the time all the more manageable. Don’t allow yourself to be […]