ThatIsBeyond… TFL Rant: A few hints and tips

I’ll be honest with you, I am not the biggest fan of TFL. Comparatively, with other metro schemes across the world, the standard of service is exceptionally poor. With long delays and drivers supplied with a book full of excuses to use at random, it’s not exactly leading the world by example. Couple this with […]

Thatisbeyond…in the pursuit of happiness

Thatisbeyond…in the pursuit of happiness. There is a danger that this blogpost will turn out a bit ranty! It’s not necessarily my intention but when it comes to happiness it’s important that we are not led astray, by the promise of more happiness where it doesn’t exist. There is a recent trend with youtubers (including […]

Thatisbeyond…a rant to the high street

Thatisbeyond…a rant to the high street. I am not gonna lie, I buy almost all of my clothes and grooming products from the high street. It’s partly an up-bringing thing and partly a finance thing, but whatever is at the heart of it, it’s how I have rolled and how I thought I would continue […]