Thatisbeyond…in the pursuit of happiness

Thatisbeyond…in the pursuit of happiness.

There is a danger that this blogpost will turn out a bit ranty! It’s not necessarily my intention but when it comes to happiness it’s important that we are not led astray, by the promise of more happiness where it doesn’t exist.

There is a recent trend with youtubers (including the ones that I like to watch) who are suggesting that happiness is the most important thing and if your not happy in a relationship, then leave it. If your job is not all that you hoped, then pack it in, if your general lifestyle isn’t making you happy, become someone else!

Now I am paraphrasing here slightly, and I know that this is just naivity, from young people on social media, but it’s dangerous to plant these seeds in the minds of young people when they idolise the people who are advising them.

I don’t question the thought behind the posts – yes, I agree what is life if you can’t enjoy it? But what does bother me is that this advice comes from people who make a living solely from social media – who receive “free gifts” from companies wanting promotion, who love their “job” because it involves being flown for free with their friends or playing video games in their bedrooms. For most watching, this is not going to be a reality for their working life.

I don’t want this to sound like sour grapes, I love how I make my living, I loved getting educated and trained to do what I do, but am I happy every single day? No. Did I have to work in a load of jobs that didn’t make me happy in order to pay for my education? Yes. At the moment it is not an easy job market for any person at any level of education. So I think sounder advice would be to go in pursuit of happiness with your job, and if you can’t find that happiness there, then look for something else (whilst still working) and know that it is all for the pursuit of happiness.

Do what makes you happy but also know that it’s a trade off. I love to tuck in to unhealthy food when I am down, but being fat makes me unhappy so it’s all about lifestyle choices. I would love to do the things that make me happy all the time, but I wouldn’t be able to afford them! One of the things I love to do in my spare time, is write. Writing is a creative output for me and it makes me happy to do it. I am also really lucky that I get sent some complimentary products to test from various companies, it is one of the perks, but also means I can test products I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to test. I won’t go trolling the internet for people to follow my blog to make money from the advertising, because that would turn something that I enjoy into something that I don’t.

If your relationship isn’t making you happy then the best person to communicate with is the other person in that relationship. It’s hard work to keep a relationship and make it fulfilling for each person involved. (And this counts for f-ships as well as lovers). The tough break is that you won’t be happy all of the time, but when I am not happy, the people who can make me happy again are my friends and my darling wife. You know your relationship, ask yourself in my pursuit of happiness are these the people I want to find it with. Because I wouldn’t be as happy without the people I have In my life.

A little ranty, but well intended. I hope everyone finds the happiness that they are searching for. Just find it on your own terms, what’s best for you.


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