That is beyond

The catch phrase of the present in my life! I am going to review the things that matter to me, and maybe along the way I will let slip some of the more interesting anecdotes of what is making me “beyond”.

In the business that I am in, it is important that I make the most of what I have to offer! This quite often means that I discover I have become somewhat metro sexual!!!

The products that I review will reveal a lot about the person that I am, and the people around me, I am not afraid of a bit of guy liner or manscara for the right occasion, but mostly this is about making the most of what I have In the short space of time I have to make an impression in.

So if you want to know what an ordinary guy does to make a ( hopefully) good first impression in a cut throat career, this may just be the blog for you!

To follow is my review of the aussiebum lip balm ( with factor 15 SPF)

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