Hi there,

Due to an unforeseen error, namely that the “aussiebum” cherry SPF 15 seems to be a fake. I am not going to review this product. There are a spate of people on popular online sales sites who use the word official, to dupe people into buying fake products. In this instance I fell for it and hence no review.

Aussie bum are much better known for their enhancing underwear and beach wear, and as a legitimate brand whom I like and respect, I am really disappointed not to have got the real McCoy as I have been excited to use a product which I assumed was developed for the outdoorsy guy.

Further to that, because this is a fake, I have no doubt in my mind that the claims of it being SPF 15 are unlikely to be true and hence I will not be using it.

Of course I have contacted the seller but so far have had no response.

Instead of this review I am going to follow this with a look at the Molton brown mens range including their fairly recent line of Sports related products.

Don’t let the fakes send you too far beyond!

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