Nivea men – Silver Protect

As a larger male, I sweat a fair amount! I am just putting it out there! Over the years I have very much been of the school of just buying whatever deodorant or anti perspirant is on offer, and this has got me into some (quite literally) sticky situations!

Any product that claims 48 hour protection is frankly rediculous, but lets face it, really how many people go 48 hours without have a wash of some description??? I know I certainly don’t – but this product none the less is pretty good. Lets lay all the cards on the table –

It does not leave that thick white dust on your underarm hair ( some products are like letting a fire extinguisher off under your arms).

It contains silver (here comes the sciencey bit) silver has healing qualities, it’s used in good quality plasters to help healing and therefore must be helpful in sensitive areas.

It’s not too astringent and therefore as long as it is carefully placed, it’s a good product for an under the underwear spray as well.

There is no alcohol or colourants in its formula.

Really there are no major negatives, this is not a product that has a strong fragrance, it’s not a mask for body odour but should help prevent build up.

Nivea are a good brand and do not just repackage the same product for men and women, the technology behind this is developed specifically for men and having used this for a month or so, you can really tell. Sometimes the fact that a product is doing a good job, is noticeable because its work has gone unnoticed and this for me is that product.

I bought this on offer from asda (£1 for 250ml). But it’s standard cost from is £3.25

I would really recommend this to you, it might not send you jumping for joy down the street, but it may just be what you have been looking for.

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