Now lets talk about fragrance!

This is a topic that almost all bloggers and youtubers that I have encountered find really bloody difficult to describe – but I feel up for a challenge and so … Here goes!

In my teens ( which was frankly half my life ago) I used to wear a nice little fragrance called skin wear by ted baker. The reasons for this were numerous, firstly it was relatively cheap at £18 for a big bottle of it, the bottle was quirky with its bright coloured “skin”, but most of all, there was a point when even the popular girls at school would comment on how good I smelled! (not one to pass up on this I obviously bulk buyed the stuff by the gallon) anything for abit of attention!!!!! This fragrance is undoubtedly a light one that is fresh and young but besides all that, it is still a fragrance that a lot of people notice and comment on. I rediscovered this a few years ago and was shocked that a 60ml bottle was just £10 (the perfume shop, in superdrug) I totally got back into it, and my wife was pleasantly surprised by its return (it had been a few years!) My aim isn’t necessarily to tell you how amazing it is, (I love it,but you might not) but instead to talk to you about the day that once again I was thwarted by there being none of this left anywhere!
The shop assistant told me they now only had one Ted Baker fragrance left and it was tedbaker by ted baker ( that is a lot of ted baker!) a small gift set containing a shower gel and a 30ml edt costing £10. So I thought why not? And I will tell you why… Not.
Whilst this is a pleasant smell, it is not to my liking, they are poles apart in complexity, this is heavier, stronger, muskier… I seriously would not have guessed these were made by the same people if I didn’t already know. And that therein is the problem – i like a brand of fragrance that has a through line, so whilst the aroma is different it has the essence of what attracted you to the brand in the first place.

As I said before its not horrible, it’s just not to my taste, this is at the joop end of the spectrum (although admittedly not as strong) I think I will use this through autumn and winter but not repurchase. It has a big gap to fill because let’s face it what fragrance was ever gonna beat the one when I discovered … Girls, properly. So as long as they keep making skin wear, I will keep buying it. And my wife will keep loving it!

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