That is beyond the lynx effect!

Now I don’t know about the lynx effect ( in my lifetime I have never known a girl go crazy for the smell of a £1 shower gel) but it seems to be a staple of most of my gym going mates. Maybe this is because its cheap? Maybe it’s because of the advertising? Maybe it’s because they have no taste? But whatever it is, the fact remains that the gym showers and changing rooms stink of this unnatural smelling stuff!

There are several acceptable fragrances in the lynx range, Africa is definitely palatable ( in the sense that it doesn’t offend my nose) but I have received many a bottle for a stocking filler and some of them are simply shocking! Lets take, for example, the one that smells like chocolate. Who thought that was a good idea? I want to smell like chocolate about as much as I want to smell like a pork pie or a Cornish pasty. But that’s not the worst bit, it actually smells like fake chocolate which is, to coin a phrase from my youth, mingin’!

Here is my quick guide to the acceptable fragrances and how or when is suitable to wear them.

1) pick a fragrance you like and stick to it, do not be the guy who has the shower gel, deodorant and after shave all in different fragrances and wears them all together, it’s not big, it’s not clever, and you’ll be so fragranced, she’s unlikely to need to use her glade plug in for the next month!
2) Africa is a good scent if your going out, it’s quite strong and its recognisable. It was the new one out when I was a teen so for anyone in their late twenties, you may well remind her of a secondary school crush. Do not wear this one to dinner.
3)Attract is a bit more out there, it’s a bit quirky but not overpowering there is nothing else that smells like this. It’s clean though and would suit any age group.
4)metal is not a traditional fragrance but is a good morning smell to wake you up, it strangely reminds me of cola bottles ( but I suspect that is just me!) this is completely inoffensive but makes me feel…zingy
5)remember you can probably get a more suited fragrance for around the same price from another brand, good advertising does not a good product make!
6) you can disregard everything I say, it’s only my opinion after all! As I said I like some of their stuff but we as a nation are obsessed with the stuff and I don’t know why!!!!!

Have we not noticed that the girls aren’t flocking after us solely based on our £1 deodorant ? Maybe I’m just too old and decrepit ?

Having said all that I’m gonna buy a travel sized bottle of Africa for my holiday! But …There’s a time and a place!

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