Thatisbeyond… A revaul

Men never follow the instructions so why have any?!

A cross between a haul and a review, I offer you a …revaul!

So here are the products that I bought from uncle asda:

The Wilkinson Sword finest bristle

The Wilkinson Sword shaving soap 125g £2.00

The Gillette Fusion Proglide (limited edition ENGLAND) £3.00

Those of you who are sharp with a calculator will note that I got all three products for under a tenner! (£8.20 to be precise) and providing you factor in a good moisturiser as well I reckon if these products are any good, this could be the modern man’s staples for less than £15.

Now before I get onto the good stuff I have to say… Why?????
Gillette answer me this, does the fact that this razor has an England flag on it really warrant it being a “limited edition” or is it the same old product With a cheap sticker attached to it?

And secondly, Wilkinson Sword… Just because some Men choose not to read instructions, doesn’t negate their necessity. I mean, its boarding on farcical. It actually has instructions on how to care for your shaving brush, when I would more appreciate how to look after my FACE. Call me vain if you like but that is how I roll!

This is my first impressions of these products, I have used them once and will feed back, my intention is to recap after a month and let you know about maintained use, and of the maintenance of the products themselves.

So I’m gonna start with the Gillette fusion Proglide. And say that this is actually a good razor (despite the needless patriotic packaging). It boasts of the new technology used to create it :

5 thinner finer blades,1 Precision trimmer blade
1Reformulated lubrication strip (ooh er misses)

But I have to say its a much better shave. For a few years now, I have felt like Gillette have repackaged the Mach 3 in various incarnations and there was no noticeable step forward in the quality of the shave. But in the Proglide I got a close shave ( smooth as a baby’s bottom, some would say!) I got no shaving cuts and it is easy to use and comfortable to hold (ergonomic???). So the first impression is pretty good.
I should probably add that some of you will be wondering why I didn’t get a wilkinson sword razor as I was looking at two other products from the same range. And the answer is I value the skin on my face too much! I have never used a WS razor that hasn’t cut my face to shreds and I’m not about to start now!
Now to the other two products, which go hand in hand.
Despite the lack of instructions these products are reasonable. I was hoping for more suds from shaving soap ( who doesn’t) but it smells amazing, like a barbers but fresh and generally nice. The shave overall was good and the razor effortlessly glided along the surface of my face including the tricky bits under the nose and under the crease of the chin. Now in order to make the is product foam up, it contains something called Sodium laureth Sulphate (SLS) this is the current bad guy of beauty and grooming as it is incredibly drying for the skin. This product is there to create those bubbles but in doing so steals the moisture from you skin.
The simple answer which I briefly segwayed into earlier, was use a moisturiser to combat this. (I use done with SPF 15 from no7 for men, which cost about £7 at the time of purchase)
The shaving brush is a novelty and it needed in conjunction with hard soap and its fine. I will be interested to see how we’ll it works in a month, will it dry out or go a bit… Well weird?!
These are obviously two high street equivalents to products that you can pay hundreds of pounds for and I think they are fun and I much prefer the feel of them to foam or gels. Although I must reiterate, the lack of instructions is lazy, when using a blade on one’s face we need all the help we can get!

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