What is in my manbag for my new job.

Hi all,

Well last week I started a new job, and with that came the old problem of what will you actually need for that job. First things first, this is a shared office space with 10-15 other people and we don’t have designated desks. This is new to me and I have to say I like the fact that I am not confined to a small area, but the obsessive compulsive within me did freak out (just a little bit). On day two I brought some flash wipes in to tackle that issue but have also been using the following products which I will be keeping in my locker (once I get assigned one!)
Firstly I took the “Cuticura original anti-bacterial Hand Hygiene Gel” ( I got it on offer for £1 from superdrug 100ml) it does exactly what the long name suggests – it kills 99.99% of bacteria, it soaks in to your skin well and doesn’t leave that filmy feeling you can get from some similar products. On the whole a good product, did you sense the but coming?… There are two small buts. Firstly, I find it quite drying, it loses the natural moisture in the skin and used too much ( and trust me I do!) I can make them sore. And secondly it smells like hospitals – clean but not all that pleasant.

Lucky for you guys, I have a solution for each of these problems, both of which have bee added to my manbag! Let me introduce to you… The derma intensive Q10 hand and nail cream. I managed to get hold of this bargain of a product from the Covent Garden branch of TESCO’s ( now I know what your thinking, and frankly I agree, but I cannot argue with this product) I am gonna hit you with the two tiny negatives first. A) it’s a tiny bit runny in consistency B) it’s the colour of that pink medicine you used to get from the school nurse. That’s it. It has Q10 in it, with shea butter and vitamin E, which makes for a really moisturising hand cream. It’s just a good product and well worth a purchase as it is 79p. Bargain.
Now in terms of the smell, I recently purchased a couple of scented hand sanitizers from bath and body works (more specifically from eBay! But hey ho!) they are 29ml and cost me £2.50 per bottle which is a little expensive, but I was intrigued and thought I’d give them a shot. As a general rule B&BW products smell exactly as they are described and so I went for Georgia bourbon peach, yummy mummy marshmallow, and the much more cryptic fresh sparkling snow! (Which smells bizarrely of fruit and snow!!!!) whilst fairly expensive to get over here, they are nice gifts and generally different and I stand by them.
The final Item I discovered I needed was compeed blister plasters. New shoes equals new blisters, but these things are amazing. ( they literally become one with you skin!)

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