That is beyond… My Christmas Routine.

As the party season is approaching, it’s soon to hit that time where I am bound to over indulge in my friend called “beer”, I almost certainly will be burning the candle at both ends and not getting anywhere near enough sleep. So here are a few things I will be doing this winter in order to… Well survive!

1) I will start with the simplest and the cheapest – Water I will be drinking at least 2.5 litres of it. Water is magical. It is the simplest way to avoid a hangover. And a dancer friend once told me that if you add a tiny pinch of salt to a two litre bottle, it really helps to rehydrate much more quickly.

2) I will be religiously cleansing before I go to bed, it literally takes 3 minutes to do ( and to save time I brush my teeth while I do it) the simple steps… Warm water splash on face… Use your cleanser and smear it all over your face ( I am currently using the “simple kind to skin vital vitamin foaming cleanser” (£4.49 for 150ml its easy and effective and available from a high street store near you!) I literally use three pumps of it, leave it on my face while I brush my teeth and then massage it off with some more warm water. SIMPLE!

3) Moisturiser – it just replenishes any moisture lost to the skin whilst cleansing. ( I am actually in the market for a new moisturiser but I am currently finishing my No7 MEN energising moisturiser (£8.75 for 50ml

4) my teeth will be taking a hammering over the festive season, sober or drinking I will never be too far from one of the popular cola brands (although I have to say that where possible I will be drinking caffeine free cola) a good tooth paste and mouthwash is definitely in store. And the ones I will be using are pearl drops pro white tooth paste 50ml (£3.60 & listerine total care sensitive 500ml (£4.60

5) My miracle solution to spots ( which reminds me, I must do a proper review of this product as it is a life saver!) the face boutique spot-less . This product is so good I outright refuse to leave home without it. This product can stop a spot from appearing in a matter of hours. As soon as I see or feel any of the tell tale signs, I use a tiny bit of this get to stop the little blighter in its tracks! Best used overnight. I truly believe that this is made from magic and that it should be listed on its list if ingredients! This stuff is not cheap but I recommend you accio some immediately ready for the Christmas season! It’s a tiny tube (8ml) and costs £10 (

Finally if you want to pick up any of these items, boots currently has 3for2 on beauty and skin care and loads of other offers as well.

That is beyond the end of this post!

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