Thatisbeyond…the best product I have tried this year!

That is beyond the best product I have tried this year!

It’s not often that I rave outright about a product. (Or anything in life for that matter!) But I have to say that this is the best £7.50 that I hav spent in a loooooooong time.
Champney’s current line of men’s sports therapy products are really at the top of their game. The focus for this review is their anti-chafing protective balm. But I will be moseying on down to boots to get some more of the line whilst they still have their 342 offer on.
The name of the product should give us all some clue as to what this is for! It’s a gel like product that puts a lubricated layer on top of the skin to stop it chafing on the fabric of your clothes or on other areas of skin. As someone training for the Stockholm marathon next year this is a product that I have some use for. The key areas that affect me are a) my nipples b) My thighs & c) my groin. These I am sure are complaints of many athletes ( as well as complete amateurs like me.) Firstly the nipples! Plaster do do the job but some times stick funny or come off if I sweat too much. I wear cycling cycling shorts to stop my over developed thighs from rubbing together, but it still chafes against the fabric. And wearing sports underwear does provide the needed support but fabric can be uncomfortable down there (so to speak)!
The good news is of course, that this protective balm actually assists in preventing all of these occurrences, really bloody well. It has a silicone gel formula, which reduces friction and irritation, and as importantly, doesn’t feel like you are an oiled up male stripper! It’s water and sweat resistant and hence sits nicely where you rub it in.
It’s easy to use, you just slather it on the skin and rub it in to the areas where it is needed, and then you are ready to go. #simple.
I really commend this product and am excited to try more of the range. It’s great that this is a product that really solves a real problem, and that its affordable to use on a regular basis. If you are involved in any sports and want to avoid chafing this is the one.

Oh and it smells quite darn good too !

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