That is beyond… Not strictly grooming!

Now I have to be honest and say that today’s post is not strictly about male grooming, but I also felt that my new purchase needed to be shared with you guys.

For the festive season I needed some boots that doubled up as fashionable items to go with various casual party looks ( I literally hate the way I phrased that but I can’t think of anything better) but also some boots in which I can wade through the inevitable snow in. Generally speaking I am a cheap skate and so won’t pay more than 25 quid on footwear. But I had not seen anything that ticked both boxes.
Then as if by magic my wife dragged me (almost against my will) into clarks! She found a pair that she wanted and I asked the most important question a cheapskate can ask… How much? The figure was £80 and after hyperventilating for a good few seconds, I said “if they are what you want then you shall have them!” And then the second stroke of magic occured and my eyes got taken by what I can only describe as a beautiful pair of boots.

Immediately I wanted to try them on and (of course) they didn’t have my size. (This in hindsight was the work of fate) because that meant I could order them for delivery and on top of that I saved 20% by ordering them.
So my amazing boots cost a mere £64.

Now, fairytale aside, these really are a winter staple, they can go with a casual look with tapered or skinny jeans, they look hard wearing and have a stitched sole (not just glued). They are furry inside and so are a great winter warmer. They also have that timberland feel to them. I know I will be wearing these all over the winter period.
So here’s the vital stats:
Price: £80 (£64 with the ordering discount)
Style: Naylor Top
Colour: Brown (also available in grey and tan?)
Size: uk 11 eur 46
Where to get them: your local Clarks store or online at:

Delivery time 3-5 working days
( reality 3 days)

20% off online with code BLING apparently and free delivery and returns

Why not treat yourself this winter?!

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