That is beyond …Time I told you about this product!

That is beyond … Time I told you about this product!

Welcome to Grease Lightning by Lush. Probably the best reasonably priced effective spot treatment there is.

At almost thirty years old, I had thought I wouldn’t need to worry about buying a spot treatment, but I have to be honest and say that my skin is as bad now as it was in my teens! Especially my collar line and under my ever so fashionable sweeping fringe! Also my over developed thighs can some times rub together causing agitated spots. In all three cases I have found this spot treatment to be effective at reducing the swelling and ultimately vanishing the spots (god I sound like one those awful clearasil adverts!)
It contains the all important tea tree “infusion” as we’ll as thyme and rosemary, and (another classic) witch hazel.
As with all of Lush’s product range (as far as I am aware) it is fresh, and handmade (mine was made by Patricia on the 08/10/2013!) it’s easy to use, you dab it on the affected area with a clean finger or cotton bud, and because of the black bottle and the fact that its only 45g it’s a good gym washbag item too.
They have got it absolutely right with this product and I commend them for that.
I have to say that entering a lush store can be intimidating, to start with you have the aroma, and secondly there is an array of pink things! But I have to give credit where it’s due, for blokes ballsy enough to brave the potent smell, the staff are amazing. I went to the Covent garden store and asked a lovely girl what she would recommend for guys, and her bad her colleagues know their products inside out. There was no hard sale, just a great knowledge and helpful attitude. She suggested another product (which I duly bought) which had rose petals in it. I literally would never have picked this stuff up, but I have to say its s great pre shave mask.
Grease lightning is a great product and the staff are amazing too. What’s more is that there are amazing products for manly men, you just have to take that step through the door.
Grease Lightning £5.95 45g from a Lush store near you!

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