That is beyond the most relaxed I have felt all week!

So I have finally reached the end of an extremely stressful week, and with my neck and shoulders visibly tense, I thought i might just treat myself. Now i should probably precursor this whole review by saying that I never, ever spend this amount of money on “relaxation”! I would love to have the spare cash to do it, but sadly I just don’t. But as this has been a very stressful few weeks and in the name of research, I decided to invest £70 on a proper massage from nickel spa in Covent Garden.

Nickel spa’s website is great, I have come across it before and felt that this spa for men would be right up my alley. The marketing team deserve a medal because exactly the feel of the place is captured on website, which makes it an easy sell because all I have to say to you guys is visit the website:

If it feels like your vibe, then trust me the place itself will be too.

This company recognise that getting a massage can be a stressful experience (counterproductive if you ask me) and they aim to de-stress the experience from the word go. The website covers everything from de-robing to tipping in simple (and humorous) statements. And offers a wide range of products from massage and hair removal to man facials. I felt completely at ease on arrival and for me that is a freaking miracle! I came straight from work and was a little flustered, but as soon as I entered the reception/shop area I was relaxed by the scent of the room and general like ability of the staff. (Please note on your first visit you should arrive early to fill in a quick five minute questionnaire)
I was then Greeted by my masseuse Kelly who was lovely and took me to the room where the massage would take place. She was the perfect balance of professional and approachable, and for someone like me who is self conscious of their beer belly and love handles (evidently these two things are also discussed on the website!) I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed about the daunting task of getting (semi) naked! Kelly duly left the room and gave me time to get undressed and get comfortable on the massage table.
When she returned, I honestly could not tell you what magic she worked, but by the end of my 50 minute session I felt like a new person. Totally relaxed and ready to face the world again.

I want to stress ( and this is again patently clear on the website) that this is a spa for men. It has essence of man but also a clean and professional style. There are male and female masseuses, and literally every member of staff I spoke to was lovely, Talkative ( not too much though) and well presented.

I was in a bit of a rush but I had a quick look at the product range on offer, from the king of shaves to dermatoligica (and what looks to be a fantastic range of in house nickel spa London products) at the prices I would roughly be expecting to pay for such items. It was good and I will be heading back there on payday to have a better look!

I had a 50 minute “relaxing massage” and it cost £70. If I had the spare cash I would go once a week (as it is easily worth the £70 I paid & it has sorted right out!) As it stands I will have to treat myself when funds allow!

This is a great company with a great ethos and I highly recommend them. I think the next time I go, I would like to try the deep tissue sports massage ( this marathon training is doing me in!) for more info head to the website.
Here it is again:

But don’t all go… I would like to still be able to book in there at some point in the future!

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