That is beyond… A bad call at a wedding!

This year the festive season has brought with it the wedding season! In one month I have 2 weddings and a christening ( which is more than I have had all year!) having attended 2 events already, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to hit on a few grooming and fashion do’s and dont’s for us gents.

Lets get started with ties! Firstly if you are in a church, it is time to wear a tie. I am with all of you who hate wearing them, since I have had a job that requires me to wear a tie, the last thing I want to do is wear one on my day off – but this is a special occasion and it is expected of you. Don’t loosen it and have your top button undone (its just an hour, and we have all dealt with more difficult things than that!) have it tied in a neat Windsor knot and you can’t go wrong. Other neckwear is acceptable depending on the event itself, in my hipper days I have worn a loose cravat or a skinny tie, but that decision limits what you can get away wearing with it. I would say if you are in a suit then a standard tie is needed or it throws the whole balance off. It is perfectly acceptable to lose the tie for the reception and have an open collar (and most men do).
I prefer my facial hair to be in check, I have opted for a close shave for these events, but its important that you look like you’ve made an effort, you have been invited to share in someone’s special day, I have seen some amazing mo’s and beards at my events but I have also seen some that looked like they had been dragged through a hedge backwards!
If you know you are gonna be uncomfortable (my own hand is shooting into the air) then really think about what your outfit consists of. As I said earlier, generally I will lose the tie and open the collar, but I also am self conscious about my belly, and so I have opted for a three piece suit which means I can wear the waistcoat when I lose the jacket (it’s not a corset, but if it makes you feel better then what is the harm???)
It is neither polite or appropriate to be playing with your underwear in good company, the choice of undergarment is very much up to the individual but do choose something you are comfortable in, and will not need any (ahem) readjustments during the ceremony.

And here are a few ideas for little items that may make the day run that little but more smoothly
– take a sample size aftershave
– carry a handkerchief (to mop your sweaty brow after all the dad dancing your gonna do)
– pack some mints for you and anyone else (I have one my self if someone smells of smoke or just bad breath and offer them around!)
– always carry some cash (why do the CC machines never work???!)

In my humble opinion, weddings are there to be enjoyed, but you have to endure several parts of it to get to the good stuff, so make an effort and you’ll be remembered as that well dressed guy with the impressive mo and great breath, rather than the guy that looked like he had been peeled away from the bed, smelling like an ashtray and sweating on the table linens!

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