Thatisbeyond…four grooming items for under a tenner, Its FIVE grooming products for under a tenner!

That is beyond four grooming items for under a tenner… It’s FIVE grooming products for under a tenner!

Well on my hunt for affordable stocking fillers for guys into grooming, I came across several of my favourite products on offer and a couple of new things for a really reasonable price.
These are all items I would be over the moon to receive in my Santa stocking, and lets face it the purse strings are tight at this time of year, so we are all in search of a bargain.

So lets look at the old faithfuls, which I am sure I have reviewed in the past ( and if not then I have been using them for a long while!)
Firstly a cleanser, the “simple: kind to skin vital vitamin foaming cleanser”. (To be precise) this is my return to product, it is a good basic everyday cleanser ( albeit a little drying) I don’t so much mind it. It is a product that is readily available on the high street and leaves me feeling… Clean. It feels like it is working and is easy and fuss free to use. If I’m having a particularly bad skin day I will use something a little more thorough, but I have to say even if I trial other products, I always have a spare of this cleanser waiting to be used. It cost a mere £3 from asda and there is enough in there to last 6 weeks at least ( I use 4 squeezes a day). Also simple is a well recognised brand and is often on offer, so ride the offers and pick it up when it’s cheap!!!!!
Next the “blistex medplus” lipbalm I wrote about this not long ago and I have to say there is a reason I know that this is a great product… I haven’t lost it! In fact this is a replacement for my almost finished one! Whilst I am an extraordinarily organised person, I cannot take care of my lip balms (this is a bone of contention because when u can’t find mine, I often steal my wife’s and lose hers as well!) but this is exactly what my lips have needed with this cold snap. It is nourishing and tastes kind of cocoa buttery and its not too glossy (Carmex can sometimes look like you’ve borrowed some lip gloss) it just soaks in and starts working on dry or chapped lips. It for me is one of my must have products and will almost certainly be featuring on my favourites of 2013. It was £2.30 from asda and is worth that everyday of the week! It’s also in manly blue packaging which is always a bonus.
Next “radix : the original aromatherapy, muscle soak” bath salts. Now for those of you who have read my past blog posts you will know that I love the molton brown silver birch bath salts. And I have to say that the radox ones are not in the same league, but at £1 for a box they are good quality when the price is taken into account. They are relaxing, they are good for relaxing the muscles after heavy exercise. The cardboard box packaging is a bit rubbish, but I decant then into a metal tin anyway! A nice addition to a collection of grooming products in a hamper for example ( and to be honest probably most people wouldn’t buy them for themselves).

Now to the two products that I haven’t used before and will review in the new year!

The Groomed SPF 15 all in one moisture cream. I have high hopes for this moisturiser. It has a similar ingredient list to the SPF 15 no 7 mens moisturiser and is 1/3 of the price! I haven’t tried it yet but I think if this high street brands other products are anything to go by, this could be a really great starter kit. Also it’s so important to have that sun protection ( even in winter) that its worth the £2.50 I paid for it, for that alone.
Last but by no means least is the unknown quantity that is the Palmolive MEN classic shave stick. It reeks of convenience and is (I think) a hard soap that sudses up (spot the made up word!) when used on a wet face. Now I could be wrong and I will certainly do some research to check, but I bought this for 1 reason and 1 reason only, it was 49p! The fact that you can get any type of grooming product for 49p is freaking me out a little, but if I have got the right end of the stick, this could well be an amazing travel size solution for the travelling man. If it is any good, I am also gonna suggest it to the wife for her legs ( 2 birds 1 stone).

Now if I am not very much mistakenly spent a grand total of £9.29 on my haul. Could you do better?

Moral of the story… There are bargains to be had out there if you are willing to look, and experiment of course.

Let me know if you have taken this challenge and let me know what and where you got the bargains from. If you want to her reviews on the two products I have not yet tried, why not subscribe or follow me on twitter @thatisbeyond

Happy grooming

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