That is beyond…Decembers treasure!

That is beyond… Decembers treasure!

So this is a product that I got from Olympia beauty.And since, I haven’t really had cause to use it.
But with the advent of … Well, advent I thought I would treat myself with this aromatherapy shave oil.

I am not a regular user of shave oils ( my opinion has always been that my skin is greasy enough without slapping oil on it!) but this is billed as a non greasy oil (go figure) so I thought why not. I got this shave oil as part of a shaving gel set, consisting of 5 products, for an event price of just under £25. ( the mathematician inside me wants to point out this is under £5 per item!) but this full set is sold on the Eve Taylor website

For £37.

Individually this is a lovely little product. You get 30mls of it (so it’s a good travel size) and it smells like… A man should do! There is something traditional about the sandalwood base, a light citrus tone that is fresh and not too overpowering, and there is almost a hint of menthol too. (Trust me when I say you will love the smell of this product – what’s not to love, it has everything from avacado to lavender to wheat germ in it!)

As well as smelling really good, it provides a different experience to your shave. I am not a connoisseur of shave oils ( I am hoping to be in the future) but it is less messy and a smoother shave than other forms of shaving lubricant. It seems to be much easier and less faff than other products. It is also a really natural product that is free from alcohol ( harmful and drying to the skin) mineral oil, lanolin & parabens (all of which are pretty nasty things really!)

Honestly, if this product is anything to go by, I can’t wait to get stuck into the rest of this range. It’s formulated specifically for men and I think that you can tell. It retails at £10 individually and I reckon at that price it’s gonna be worth your while to try it out. You can see more of the range on the following link:

I will be looking at the rest of the range in the new year, so if you are interested do keep checking out my blog. Do feel free to follow or suggest products for review and I will do my very best!

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