ThatIsBeyond…Youthful skin when fastly approaching 30

I have an Audition!

Great I hear you all saying (thanks by the way) but this audition has a presented me with quite a conundrum… How to age convincingly on stage (without the use of prosthetics) now I know that this is called acting and that my choices will be informed by the character, but no one will believe me as a teenager! Will they?
( there is always an exception to the rule and that Lady works at my local asda and asked me for ID for a bottle of mulled wine!)
For me the upper age of the character is much closer to my actual age, so it’s less a question of ageing and more of becoming more youthful.

Cue: me panic grooming and trying to defy my ageing skin. And let’s face it, no miracles will be achieved in the next ten days, but I am hoping to be amazed by the results in the following categories.

A) a really close shave (removing the shadow as well
B) freshening up the skin and achieving more nourishment.
C) creating a less sophisticated hair style
D)covering up the signs of over excess at Christmas & the long working weeks of december

And yes this is achievable in ten days! Lol

So for the shave part, I am gonna go down the natural ingredients root with the aromatherapy magic of Eve Taylor’s shave range (Et men skincare) ensuring I use the preparative exfoliating face scrub with eucalyptus (mainly to clear the gunk) and then complement this with the smooth shave oil with sandalwood. This should help eradicate excess shave rash and provide great lubrication for a good glide action on my Gillette fusion razor over the skin. By avoiding too many artificial products, I am hoping to minimise the drying of the skin and inject (not literally) some moisture into the skin.

Next I will tackle the moisture issues with a product that I received for Christmas and have been notching to use since I freed it from its packaging! I actually got 3 different ones from the same range but, I am trialling the Henri Lloyd skin protection for men – ocean mineral moisturiser SPF15. This product smells amazing and has a “easily absorbed hi tech hydration formula with built in sun protection” (who am I to argue with that?)

As this is a period piece of theatre, I will be taming the beast and doing the opposite of what I ordinarily like to do and have a simple side parting with zero volume, whilst also avoiding any too natural product which will look too modern. As I will be using tons of gel and spray etc to tame it, I will need to take care of it and so will be looking to use a conditioner/ mask to stop it all falling out. ( argan oil will also give it a nice shine so will probably focus on my argan hair mask, which is zero fuss and really nourishing.)

Finally as it’s an audition, so thankfully I am allowed to break the rule of not wearing make up and covering up (subtley) my dark circles with collection concealer. Again it’s purpose is not flawless skin, but just to brighten and bring the panels focus into my not around the eyes … Look into my eyes … Enough!
For actors, the connection is the most important thing and if they are just seeing into black holes on your face then, you can’t make that connection effectively.

I will of course feedback after the audition and let you know how the products have been to use and give you the lowdown!

Take care. TIB

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