Thatisbeyond… Trying to look good!

I work in the performing arts. Both as a performer and in my between job, job if you catch my drift! I would say that there is a lot of pressure to keep looking good… All of the time – as you’ll never know when you might bump into someone important of influential. And sometimes that sucks!
Since my return from Malta, I have been plagued by clogged and spot prone skin. This is not the fault of Malta, I have to add, but instead a return to the pollution filled (yet Beloved) city of London. This freak weather has also not been helping matters as I now look like a spotty furball that has just rolled out of the tumble dryer!!!!!
I have of course returned to my old favorites(in terms of my skin defences) but I have also looked at what is in my mounting collection of skin potions (Professor snape would be jealous) that might be able to tackle this so that I can look somewhat human again!
FIRST THINGS FIRST… now I don’t need to make any introductions here, all I can say is that ‘Grease Lightening’ from Lush may well have a resurgence of sales ( from me alone). It is great and gentle on the skin and it can work throughout the day and the night. And you really cant tell that you have slathered it over your face! It diminishes redenness ( and I have to say tenderness as well.) There is however, one spot that this has failed to have any affect on whatsoever and so I have brought the big guns out… the COLGATE. Yes you heard me correctly! Failproof solution, grab your tooothpaste and slather it on the affected area and let it dry before going to bed, by morning you will notice an amazing improvement if not a complete eradication of the spot…Boom!
I had to get some more Lush products to try out – the great thing about lush is that all of the staff are so knowledgable and they are not at all scary sales people … They just seem happy to help you out!

So the first thing I needed was a mask that was going to help my skin. I generally would say that I have an oily complexion, but when the weather gets cold (and it’s been freezing the last couple of weeks) my skin gets much more combination with some dry areas occurring also. A couple of options were suggested, but I decided to go with ‘love lettuce’ (clever play on words) which has some lavender in it and is perfect for combi skin. Again it’s a fresh mask but not as thick as some of the others. It has crushed almonds in it, so it has an exfoliating effect on the skin when you wash it off, but best of all, I have longish stubble at the moment, but this was not ploblematic, sometimes you can be scrubbing the stubble line for hours trying to remove the mask, but this was one sat nicely and really refreshed my skin.

I picked up a toning water, between the air con and the heating at work, sometimes in need to de grease and clear the skin, so it can breath! The tea tree water is that perfect product, it takes literally seconds to apply and just gives your skin the chance to breath and de clog, it comes in a spray bottle so is convenient.

I think I am well and truly over my fear of Lush, I walk in and just ask the questions that I want to, what’s so hard with that? And hopefully they will help keep my skin in tip top condition!


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